On January 1, 2013, the School of Worship will formally change its name to, ROOTS Academy.


Before taking ownership of the school on September 1, 2012, we began to dream about what the school could become. Our sights moved, quickly, beyond being a local faith-based music lesson, voice lesson and dance school located in Franklin, TN. We saw it growing into multiple locations around Nashville and the middle-Tennessee region. Eventually, we’d like to take this model and offer it as a franchise.

Upon exploring this idea and it’s validity, we quickly realized that the name “School of Worship” is very common. In fact, doing a quick Google search netted out over 1.9 million results for that phrase alone. It became apparent that if we were to realize the vision, we would need to change our name to avoid brand confusion.

What ROOTS means

ROOTS offers two specific meanings, as it relates to what we do here at the academy:

First, root, as a music term, is the foundation of a chord. This is a critical element in music as it defines what chord you are playing and how the sound will be created. We believe that what we are teaching at the academy, is foundational to the rest of our students lives. Consider these facts:

Students in Tennessee taking courses in music performance and music appreciation scored higher in the SAT than students with no arts participation. Music students, on average, scored 62 points higher on critical reading, 59 points higher on writing and  35 point higher on math. (Source: 2012 College-Bound Seniors Report)

Students in Tennessee taking courses in music performance and music appreciation have a higher GPA (3.9 avg) than students with no arts participation (3.6 avg). (Source: 2012 College-Bound Seniors Report)

Clearly, music plays a critical, foundational role the lives of our students. We don’t take that lightly.

Secondly, root is defined as:

Verb – to implant or establish deeply

We like to think of it more like this:

Developing and growing our students by teaching them spiritual truths and disciplines that anchor and guide them into a faith-filled life in Christ

This is where the we look at the word “root” not as a noun, but a verb—an action. Furthermore, this is why we call our instructors, “mentors.” Our instructors are hand selected, not only because of their musical ability, but because they are role models to your students; both in music and in life. Again, we don’t take that lightly.


Have questions?

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

(615) 804-1177

About Kyle Chowning

CEO/owner ROOTS Academy, CEO/Founder Full Cycle Marketing, Co-founder/Executive Director Help-Portrait, Christ-follower, dad & husband to Kristy. On the launch teams for RELEVANT and Halogen TV

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