It’s storm season here in middle-Tennessee, so we wanted to inform you of our official Tornado Emergency Plan in the event that ROOTS is under a tornado watch or warning.

If a tornado watch is issued an alert will be broadcasted over the NOAA public alert radio located in the ROOTS administrative office. We will actively standby on alert for any indications that a tornado is developing or that conditions are worsening.

If a tornado warning is issued within our immediate area, the NOAA public alert radio will alert us. The City of Franklin emergency sirens will also sound in the event of a tornado warning. According to their website, when the sirens are activated we should take cover immediately.

During a tornado warning, the mentors will follow the procedures listed below:

  • Move all mentors & students into kitchen, away from the interior and exterior windows
  • Stay out of the studios, MainStage room and other large glassed-in areas, and large open areas with a long roof span;
  • If available, take cell phone with you—a portable, crank and battery operated NOAA public alert radio, flashlight and first-aid kit are stored in the kitchen for convenience;
  • Crouch down along the wall and protect your head with your hands from possible debris; and
  • Remain in sheltered area until given the all clear by the NOAA Public Alert Radio and/or the owner (Kyle Chowning).

Please be sure to remain calm, but confident. We can never be too cautious in the event of a tornado warning.

Be safe everybody!


Photo courtesy: Franklin Police Department

About Kyle Chowning

CEO/owner ROOTS Academy, CEO/Founder Full Cycle Marketing, Co-founder/Executive Director Help-Portrait, Christ-follower, dad & husband to Kristy. On the launch teams for RELEVANT and Halogen TV

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