ROOTS-Staff-Pictures-jeremy-mccormickROOTS drum mentor Jeremy McCormick shares his favorite apps to keep him from missing a beat.

In today’s world, you can access most anything in the palm of your hand. Technology is everywhere, and I say, let’s use it to our advantage! As I am on the journey to become the best drummer and musician I can be, there are certain apps that I  have found helpful along this journey.

Below, I share some of those with you! I have broken them into segments to show how these apps help me get through life as a musician.


These apps are essential to me. From the practice room, to show time and in the studio, they give me the tools I need to perform my best, right at my fingertips!

  • Metronome: I use this app for my day-to-day use practicing and performing live. I believe every musician should have a metronome (ESPECIALLY DRUMMERS!). It helps with timing and keeps you steady in your playing. FREE on iTunes store
  • liveBPM-Beat Detector: This is a fun app to test how steady your time is. It uses a graph to show when you slow down or speed up. I love using this when I play! $3.99 on iTunes store
  • Camera: This is an easy one… Every phone comes with a camera! It is a great tool to use musically for self-improvement. I video myself playing quite often in order to listen to how I sound and see how my technique is looking.
  • PanoTuner: This is an app that I use to tune drums to a certain pitch. FREE on iTunes store


Traveling is a huge part of my job. It is really important to know where you are going, how long it is going to take to get there, and most of all… where to eat.

  • Waze: Waze is a social media GPS app where users can report accidents, road hazards, road closures, etc. This is the best navigation app out there in my opinion. FREE on iTunes store
  • Yelp: Yelp is amazing. Without this app, I would be eating at McDonald’s and Subway in gas stations for the extent of my tour. Thankfully, there is Yelp. It searches nearby restaurants and allows you to read reviews, see menu items, and see pictures of the food (VERY important for starving musicians). FREE on iTunes store


  • Calendar: Again, all phones or tablets should come with a calendar app. When I moved to Nashville, my goal was to play with as many different artists as possible. My calendar app helps with organizing my week. I enter what I need to be at, when I need to be there and where I need to be there. I would be lost without it!


Creativity is the backbone of music. Creative moments can come at any point of the day, and it is absolutely necessary to have someone to record these moments so you don’t lose them.

  • Voice Memos: As simple as it sounds, this is the most important app I use. If I have an idea, I sing it into my phone and save it giving me access to it later when I have time to delve into it. So what if you get funny looks when you sing into your phone in public… It comes with the territory.

These apps are some of the most helpful to me in my daily life as a musician. Give them a try and see if they are helpful to you!

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