Parent & Student Testimonials
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  • I love knowing that my children are receiving excellent musical instruction from quality mentors along with learning about their faith at the same time. As musicians ourselves, my wife and I know the importance of keeping God first and the focus in all of our arts and how we express our worship.  At ROOTS Academy, our children are getting a great combination of musical excellence and encouragement in their walks with the Lord. Jeremy Camp, Parent & Grammy-Nominated CCM Artist
  • Teaching our boys the arts is very important to us. Tracie and I love that ROOTS Academy is based in teaching faith along with the principals of music. If our boys are going to be taught something and put in the dedication it takes to excel, we love knowing that their mentors also encourage them to grow in their faith as well as their skills. I highly recommend ROOTS for any parent looking to give their child more than just a music lesson.Scott Hamilton, Parent & Olympic Gold-medalist
  • This isn’t just an endorsement, this is me saying that when it came time to send my own kids to a music school the one we knew we had to choose was ROOTS. It’s been an awesome, awesome experience and I highly recommend it!Jon Acuff, Parent & Best-selling Author
  • We love ROOTS! Our kids have taken lessons for years now and it’s amazing to see their musical roots really growing deeper!  They can’t wait for their lessons and are super inspired by their mentors…makes learning music extra fun!  ROOTS gives top quality instruction – a definite 5 stars!!!  —Phil Joel, Singer/Songwriter
  • The ROOTS dance program was such a wonderful experience for my daughter. The kind and knowledgeable instruction she received from her mentor taught her not only the necessary skills, but how to apply those skills in worship—something that’s very important to me as a mom!Alisa Childers, Parent & CCM Artist: ZOEgirl
  • As a musician, what and how my children are taught is very important to me. But as a parent, the mentorship my children receive is what matters most. At ROOTS, we get both from a Godly perspective, and we are so thankful! —Krissy Nordhoff , Singer/Songwriter
  • I have been blown away by my daughter Caroline’s progress in her first few months at the ROOTS Academy.  She is not only learning technique and theory, but also the importance of using her talents for God’s glory.  This is a combination that is unique to ROOTS.  What an incredible musical foundation for our children! —Shelley Breen, Parent & CCM Artist: Point of Grace
  • ROOTS provides a creative environment with gifted mentors who have un-matched musical experience. Their attention to age-appropriate art, music, and worship and instruction is refreshing in a time of overly saturated popular products disguised as artistry. Talent combined with the proper training experience will last a lifetime. —Chad Jarnagin, Singer/Songwriter
  • I absolutely love what my son is learning at the ROOTS. He’s learning to be a skilled musician, but so much more than that, he’s learning to be a worshipper–what he’s been designed by God to be. Rob Howard, Parent & Pastor of Worship and Arts at Fellowship Bible Church, Brentwood, TN
  • Mentors that are more than just teachers. Mentors have vast experience in music as a profession. In addition, mentors with a Christ/Faith emphasis is VERY important to our family. I am always looking for God to bring individuals into my children’s lives that can be an example of what a Man/Woman of Christ looks like!B. Seiler, Parent
  • The mentors all seem to have a great heart for God, PLUS they are accomplished musically.A. Robbins, Parent
  • I love your mission, your purpose, so far we love Ms. Kelly (violin), the facilities are nice, and the prices are competitive!H. Lackey, Parent
  • The staff is very friendly! My vocal coach makes lessons fun and helpful!E. Shipp, Student
  • The positive christian influence of the teachers. They are good role models along with excellent and innovative teaching. It’s a joyous place to be a part of. —K. Littleton, Parent
  • Even if our daughter were not learning music, it would be great therapy, and having another caring adult in our child’s life is major.A. Franklin, Parent
  • First of all, my daughter loves Stephanie, so we are very happy with our instruction. We also like that ROOTS staff is willing to work with your schedule when it changes, they are very accommodating.K. Pyle, Parent
  • You all do a wonderful job! My kids love coming each week! Thank you!E. Dugar, Parent
  • We moved here from Minnesota last summer and were looking for a place for our girls to take lessons. We love that they are getting lessons – playing worship music and learning in an atmosphere where the people love the Lord!C. Overby, Parent
  • You all are personable and really care about the kids. You are offering an excellent option for teaching kids about music and dance in a Christ-centered environment. What’s not to like?!J. Wolstenholm, Parent
  • …REALLY love the organization with Roots. I love the obviously joy the teachers have for teaching and the atmosphere has completely changed. REALLY great changes have taken place!! Good job.A. McNeil, Parent
  • Professional method of servicing customers. Also, like the instructors ethic of being “on time” to all practice sessions.L.G. Veloz, Parent
  • Our children LOVE coming to music lessons! They are both very young, but ROOTS has worked with them on their level and have encouraged a love for music that will hopefully last a lifetime. The whole environment is very Christ-centered. Thanks for all you do!J. Dugar, Parent
  • Geared towards all ages, not just young ones. —E. Herr, Parent
  • The instructors are soo great and everyone I meet at ROOTS has a smile. Also my emails and questions are always responded to with speed and courtesy.M. Meinel, Student
  • We love everything about ROOTS … The personable staff, the exemplary instruction, and the new look and vibe of the facility. We are definitely your biggest fans!! 🙂J. Moore, Parent
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