Don’t let their small frames fool you, Arabella and Giselle have big personalities
and even bigger hearts. Their weekly lessons at ROOTS are always a highlight of the week, and we are excited to watch them continue to grow in their talent and love of music.

What do you love most about playing guitar/piano? 

  • A: I love getting to hear the musical tone it makes when I hit the keys.
  • G: I like learning the songs step by step. 

Who is your favorite band/musician?

  • A: Young and Free
  • G: Jamie Grace

Gisele playing

What is your favorite song? Can you play it on guitar/piano yet?

  • A: Shoulders” by For King and Country – I can’t play it on piano, but I love to sing it!
  • G: “Beautiful Day” by Jamie Grace – Yes, I can play it now! 

What do you like most about taking music lessons?

  • A: The best part is getting to spend time with Ms. Anna – she’s great!
  • G: I love Ms. Elle!!

Two girls in the hay

What do you want to be when you grow up?

  • A: I want to be a veterinarian because I love taking care of animals.
  • G: I want to be a doctor. I love helping people feel better.

What are your hobbies?

  • A: Drawing and coloring –  I like using the things around me for inspiration.
  • G: Reading – I just can’t put a good book down!

Have you girls ever talked about starting a sister band?

  • Yes, sometimes. Twins playing on stage together might be kind of cool!

Bella playing

How often do you practice? 

  • We try to practice most days that we aren’t in lessons.

What has been your proudest moment since you started taking lessons at ROOTS?

  • A: The day I played “Ode to Joy” for Ms. Anna was very cool.
  • G: Finally learning all the chords and finishing the song “Beautiful Day” was definitely my proudest moment.  Now I can play my favorite song for all my family and friends!

crazy kiddos

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