Private Strings Lessons
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ROOTS offers private violin lessons for students ages 7+. By learning one of these instruments, students improve not only their mind but their body as well.

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String instruments are classic symbols of grace and poise in music, instruments that have stood the test of time through the centuries. Their iconic sound adds a sense of reverence to almost any piece of music, whether pop or classical, capable of evoking emotion in listeners in a way many others can’t.

Private Violin Lessons

There is a wide range of advantages to learning any musical instrument, such as improved academic skills and a sense of responsibility, but learning one of these instruments through private strings lessons brings a unique set of benefits:

Improved coordination, posture, muscle memory and dexterity — Playing the violin requires two hands doing different things at the same time, and it also requires fast-moving finger positions and a quick memory. While other instruments have buttons or frets, strings do not have markers for finger positions, so the concentration and memory skills required are great. Playing the violin or viola in particular also helps students improve their posture and strengthen their upper body as they continue to study.

Improved concentration and study skills — To learn a stringed instrument, students must learn to read music. The concentration it takes to not only learn the skill but continually follow along on a page without getting lost is a skill that transfers to many other areas of life, especially in today’s world of shortening attention spans.

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Adding sweeping harmonies from a strings section is one of the best ways to inject that epic feeling to a piece, and one stringed instrument playing a simple melody can often convey more meaning than words.

Collaboration abilities — A strings player rarely plays by oneself. An orchestra, ensemble or band allows young players to learn to work well with others, whether they are fellow string players or not, and support others when it is not their turn to take the lead. It also fosters social skills within these environments and a sense of belonging to the group of musicians.

Improved verbal ability and pattern completion skills — A Harvard study concluded that students who studied violin specifically for three or more years outperform their non-musical peers on vocabulary IQ tests.

Studies have shown that if students take up an instrument at a young age, they can learn more quickly, mastering skills at a faster pace. ROOTS can help your child not only experience the benefits above but also have FUN while doing it.

“My 8-year-old daughter has had an excellent experience at ROOTS Academy learning to play the violin. The teacher is kind and encouraging. The facility is great, and we love having the recitals and inviting loved ones. The staff could not be more personable and helpful.” –Brandy Whitehead

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