We’re in the Christmas spirit around here at ROOTS. Several of our staff and mentors shared some sweet Christmas memories, traditions, and favorite moments from the past year. Have a memory to share? We’d love to hear it. Leave a comment below.



Susan Russell, Music Program Director

Favorite Christmas memory: “One of my favorites – my brother got a remote control bulldozer for Christmas and chased the cat around with it until the cat tried to hide under the tree…from the noise you know that Calico’s tail ended up getting the short end of the stick.”

Favorite Christmas tradition: “Sitting up late at night by the tree and eating chocolate chip cookies – just thinking about life.”

Favorite Christmas song: “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”

Favorite ROOTS moment from the past year: “Getting together with the whole admin team and Full Cycle Marketing team to dream up better ways to get things done for ROOTS.”




Alison Stevens, Piano Mentor

Favorite Christmas memory: “The year my uncle and dad made one last ditch effort to keep us believing in Santa. They had gone hunting and brought deer droppings home. Early Christmas morning we heard jingle bells in the roof and went outside to see deer droppings all over the patio!! My cousin Marks eyes we saucer big. We believed one more year. :)”

Favorite Christmas tradition: “The stockings!!”

Favorite Christmas song: “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

Favorite ROOTS moment from the past year: “Voice Camp! Seeing the kids grow beyond what they even thought they could do-that’s what it’s all about!”




Dani Elliott, Piano Mentor

Favorite Christmas memory: “My mom giving me a written-in Precious Moments book she got from a yard sale. She didn’t know it was given to someone on their 25th anniversary. I think I was about 8 so it clearly wasn’t for me…hahaha.”

Favorite Christmas tradition: “Finding new ones!”

Favorite Christmas song: “The whole Mariah Carey Christmas record. The ORIGINAL.”

Favorite ROOTS moment from the past year: “Student breakthroughs!”



Stephanie Harper, Violin Mentor

Favorite Christmas memory: “Getting a bike and being so sad that it was a dirt bike, but then saying NO WAY to a girly bike that we tried to exchange it for. I kept my BMX Strongman and decided dirt-biking was my thing!”

Favorite Christmas tradition: “Lighting candles all throughout the house, gathering in front of the tree and fireplace, and reading the Christmas story out of the Bible with my family.”

Favorite Christmas song: “Oh Holy Night”

Favorite ROOTS moment from the past year: “Watching my student jump up and down because she was so proud of her playing.”



anna carroll

Anna Carroll, Voice Mentor

Favorite Christmas memory: “Uncle Jimmy would buy a ton of glow sticks and all 23 or so cousins would go out side and play glow in the dark games!”

Favorite Christmas tradition: “Christmas breakfast”

Favorite Christmas song: “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

Favorite ROOTS moment from the past year: “Hearing all the different ‘Miranda’ impersonations during Halloween week!”



hope-davis-circle-thumbHope Davis, Guitar Mentor

Favorite Christmas memory: “Going in an impromptu sleigh ride with my extended family down a massive hill”

Favorite Christmas tradition: “Going with my family to see the Christmas lights at the zoo”

Favorite Christmas song: “Love Has Come” Amy Grant

Favorite ROOTS moment from the past year: “Showing the Early Beginners how to play the trumpet”

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