ROOTS Dance Recital FAQs
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When is Recital? 

Recital is at the end of the second semester of dance, typically in June. The exact dates will be announced in our monthly FOOTNOTES, ROOTS Connect pages, and on our main Recital Page. When dates are announced, we suggest reserving those dates to ensure that you are available. Rehearsal times and more details will be communicated in the Spring semester.

Where is the Recital? 

The exact location will be announced in our monthly FOOTNOTES, ROOTS Connect pages, and on our main Recital Page.

Who participates in Recital? 

ROOTS Preschool and K12 dancers participate in the Recital. That means any Preschool (Ages 3-5), Mini (6-8), Junior (9-11), Teen (12-15) and Senior (15-18) dancer. The following classes will NOT perform a routine in Recital: Acro, Skills, FUSION, Mini/Junior Company Ballet, and Pre-Pointe.

Is Recital participation required?

Recital is definitely an event that you don’t want to miss! We assume that all ROOTS dancers are performing in the Recital unless we hear otherwise. If you are unable to perform, please let us know as soon as possible.

How much does Recital cost?

Recital participation requires 1 Costume Fee per routine (ranging from $80-$90 + tax) and 1 Performance Fee ($100) per participant. For your convenience, these fees are split up throughout the year. Recital will also required the purchase of tickets. Costume Fees and Performance Fees are non-refundable. 

Do I manually make these payments, or are they auto-charged?

If you selected “All Fees” during class registration, your family’s Costume Fee(s) and Performance Fee(s) will be automatically charged on their due dates. If you selected “Initial Fees Only” during class registration, you will need to manually make your payments on or before their due dates using your Parent PortalYou can also pay by check on or before the due dates.


Costume Fees – Due October 1 ($89.59, includes tax)

What if my dancer has more than one routine in the Recital?

If you have more than one routine in Recital, you will have a Costume Fee per routine. Families with more than one Costume Fee will use the Fee Schedule below. The most expensive Costume Fee will be charged first. PLEASE NOTE: Families with 4 or more Costume Fees will split their Costume Fee Total into 3 equal amounts to be paid on Oct 1, Nov 1 and Dec 1.

October 1st – Recital Costume Fee #1
November 1st – Recital Costume Fee #2
December 1st – Recital Costume Fee #3

What if my dancer only has one routine, but I have multiple dancers in my family with Costume Fees?

If your family has more than one Costume Fee, please see the Fee Schedule above.

Are there any classes that don’t perform in Recital?

The following classes will NOT perform a routine in Recital and therefore do NOT require a Costume Fee: Acro, Skills, FUSION, Mini/Junior Company Ballet, and Pre-Pointe. 

Are shoes included in the Costume Fee?

Shoes are NOT included in the Costume Fee for any classes, including Hip Hop. We will communicate to classes which shoes and accessories (tights, hair, etc.) will be required for their costume.

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