Parking at ROOTS can be a challenge. We are doing everything we can to find solutions…I mean everything!

Here are a few ways that you can avoid our parking lot during our really busy times. (I bet you didn’t know about #2.)

  1. New student drop-off zone – check out the below details on our new drop off zone
  2. Exit by driving out the back of our building onto Mallory Station (details below)
  3. Park in one of our two handicap spots. By law, we are only required to have one handicap spot in our parking lot. If both spots are open, feel free to park in one of those spaces. I know…it feels wrong, but we’re giving you permission.
  4. Park in Kindercare AFTER 6:30pm – The fine folks at Kindercare have made their parking lot available to us after 6:30pm each night and all day Saturday. Please be advised that if you park in that lot prior to 6:30pm on weeknights, you could be towed at your own expense.

Drop-off Zone Details

The goal of the new drop-off zone is to make it easy for students to get dropped off or picked up safely. Each day, we’ll block off the first parking space to ensure that students aren’t near moving vehicles.

We recommend that students who are at an appropriate age be dropped off and picked up from the drop-off zone. Of course, parents are always welcome to come in and hang out with us as well. 🙂

Without further ado, here are 3 steps to beating parking lot rage:

Step 1: Avoid the Parking Lot

Pull into our parking lot and drive forward and stop at this sign…


Step 2: Drop your Student Off

Pull up next to the grassy median and drop your student off near the drop off zone sign. We will have parking cones in that space to ensure that they can get in and out of your car safely.


Step 3: Drive Around the Building to Exit

Once you’re done dropping or picking up your student, you can continue driving around the back of the building and exit onto Mallory Station Road.


The team and I thank you for your patience and understanding as we manage our growth. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to email and let us know! 

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