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Join the Band: Take Your Talents On Stage!
Audition for Our On Stage Band Program the Week of August 27-31, 2018
Practice & Perform with Other Musicians in a Band
Auditions for the On Stage Band Program are open to all current ROOTS music students, boys and girls, ages 7+! If you're ready to take your music to the next level, this 10-week program is the perfect opportunity. You can improve your skills as you learn to "feel" the music with others during onstage performances (and jam sessions!). 
Specific questions? Check out our FAQ.
Audition Details
Important Dates
  •   Monday, August 13: Audition Materials Made Available
  •  Monday, August 27-31: Student Auditions
  •  Friday, September 7: Results Announced
  •  September 10 - 14: First Rehearsal
  •  November 26-30: Final Rehearsals
  •  December 1-2: LIVE Performance
What You Need to Know
Students can audition on following instruments: guitar, bass, drums, keys, and vocals. Audition material will be made available prior to auditions allowing each student the same amount of time to prepare.
  • Performing a prepared piece of student’s choice
  •  Demonstrating techniques and styles
  •  Playing with other musicians or a track
  •  Improvising
  •  Sight reading
Auditions will be about 15 minutes in length.
Why Perform in a Band?
Experience new challenges 
to test your playing.
  •  Learn additional skills outside of your private lessons, such as the Nashville Number System.
  •  Grow your repertoire as you play songs you may not have tried on your own.
  •  Make progress faster as you learn with others. 
Get to know other musicians.
  •  Make new friends with others who are also interested in excelling in music.
  •  Have fun and learn more as you challenge each other. 
  •  Have conversations about music (and jam sessions) with peers at your skill level.
Learn in a group setting: 
Collaborate and share ideas.
  •  When inspiration strikes, you and your band members can work out ideas together.
  •  Improvise, create new sounds, and follow where the music takes you.  
  •  Learn how to have great performances together and improve your onstage skills. 
Don't Just Play Your Instrument at Home. Get On Stage!
Meet Our Music Mentors, aka "Teachers"
We understand that there are very few adults that parents allow their kids to have a private one-on-one time with during their formative years. We take this role and your trust very seriously. Because of this, we train our teachers that they aren't just teaching music lessons, they are also teaching their students life lessons while influencing habits and behaviors that will shape their future. THAT'S A BIG DEAL! So, we use the word "mentor" to help remind our teachers about the importance of their role.
Alison Stevens
Piano & Voice Mentor
Arianna Hume
Voice Mentor
Cameron Cleland
Guitar, Bass & Ukulele Mentor
Dave Mohr
Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, 
Banjo & Mandolin Mentor
Dennis Palmer
Drum Mentor
Emmoe Doniz
Piano & Voice Mentor
Kevin Dempsey
Guitar & Ukulele Mentor
Krystol Wade
Piano Mentor
Joe Tounge
Drum Mentor
Jackie French
Voice & Guitar Mentor
Nathan Sepulveda
Piano, Guitar, Bass 
& Ukulele Mentor
Leah Taylor
Piano & Voice Mentor
Julia Fisher
Violin Mentor
Lauren Thayer
Voice Mentor
Toby Friesen
Guitar Mentor
Mike Wessner
Piano Mentor
Breanna Kolasa
Voice Mentor
Rick DiGiallonardo
Piano Mentor

"The On Stage program has been such a great experience for my daughter! It is the perfect chance for her to put her musical skills to practical use."

Her mentor has been so supportive through the whole process and the the band leaders were very experienced and knowledgeable -- providing a safe and fun environment to learn. Playing in a group is a lot different than playing a solo in a recital, and my daughter loved every second of it!!! I feel like she got an opportunity to see what it might be like to become a professional musician one day.

- Christi Bissell, ROOTS Parent
Lauren Breland

"What our child has learned in such a short period of time will make her far more successful than had she continued to play music solo."

Her knowledge of music, other instruments working together and what it means to be a part of a music family has truly been such a unique journey. With every single session, the skills she acquired were amazing.

–Leslie Bates, ROOTS Parent

Our Studio
320 Southgate Court • Brentwood, TN • 37027
About ROOTS Music Academy
ROOTS Music Academy was established in 2008 as a music lesson studio in Franklin, TN. Over the years, the studio has expanded in students, studio locations, as well as the number of instruments offered. 

Our vision is simple: Provide high quality music lessons in a creative, engaging and safe environment. 

By safe, we don't just mean doing annual background checks on every single employee and contractor. 

We aim to provide an emotionally safe and encouraging environment where every student is challenged in healthy ways that fit their unique personality, learning styles and personal challenges. 

Our team of well-trained and experienced music teachers aren't just teaching music lessons. Week in and week out, they are influencing your child... and we don't overlook the importance of this. 

In fact, we call our music teachers "mentors" for this reason. 

From day one, our mentors are trained to be intentional in their relationships with their students. These are your kids and we don't take the role, responsibility or influence that you've entrusted in us lightly. 

We hold a high standard for our mentors, and we aren't afraid to correct or dismiss mentors who don't match our values. 

In 2017, ROOTS Music Academy relocated to a completely renovated 11,000 square foot permanent home that features 13 music studios, a band rehearsal studio, a performance venue, multiple lobbies, workstations for parents and super fast Internet... because Wifi. It's also home to our sister division, ROOTS Dance Academy. 

“Our daughter’s musical development is important to us. Just as she is learning core subjects at school, her musical education is a building block to who she is becoming."

ROOTS is a great foundation for learning music and experiencing great role models and mentorship … Because character development goes hand-in-hand with musical development, we can’t see our child taking lessons anywhere else!

–Amy Vest, ROOTS Parent
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the On Stage program?
On Stage is an audition-based program created to give students the opportunity to experience music as a member of their very own band. This 10-week program is designed to provide students with the ability to explore music through community, creativity, and live performance.
Who can audition?
Auditions are open to any student (7 years of age and up) that is actively taking private music lessons at ROOTS. However, the On Stage program is best suited for students that have previous experience on their instrument and are looking to take their playing to the next level.
When are auditions?
Auditions take place August 27-31, 2018. The last audition spot will be held on Friday, 8/31, at 5:30 p.m. After that, no more auditions will be allowed. So it's important to sign up as soon as you can!
When are rehearsals?
This season, we are having kids audition for 1 of 3 bands, based on age: 7-9, 10-12, and 13+. Students accepted into these bands will rehearse on different days/times based on their age.

Opening Acts (ages 7-9)
Tuesdays at 4:30 p.m.

On the Verge (ages 10-12)
Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. 

Headliners (ages 13+)
Thursdays at 4:30 p.m.
How much does the program cost?
On Stage tuition is affordably priced at $125 for each 10 week session. That’s only $12.50 per rehearsal! This cost only covers the expense of the program and does not include any registration, material, or private lesson fees.
What instruments can my student audition on? 
Students will have the opportunity to audition for the On Stage program on the following instruments: guitar, bass, drums, keys, and vocals.
Can my student audition for an instrument he or she is not taking private lessons for?
Yes. Students may choose to audition for any instrument they choose. However, priority consideration will be given to those students who are auditioning for an instrument they are actively taking lessons for at ROOTS.
What if my student plays multiple instruments?
Students who play multiple instruments and wish to do so as part of the On Stage program will need to audition for each instrument individually. Please note that acceptance into the program will be by instrument. Therefore, a student that auditions on multiple instruments may be accepted into the program for one instrument but not the other.
How many members are a band?
Band size and instrumentation will follow a general line up to include the following: one vocalist, two guitarists, one bassist, one keyboard player, and one drummer. Any band formed as part of the On Stage program will require a four member minimum but will not exceed more than six members. This is to allow maximum playing time and attention for each student while also staying true to a group experience in music making.
What will students need to prepare to audition for the On Stage program?
Students will audition by playing along to a track in which their part has been removed. MP3 files, sheet music, and other required materials will be made available to those interested in auditioning about 2 weeks prior to auditions, so all students have the same amount of time to prepare.
How do I enroll my student to audition? 
Each interested student will need to complete the On Stage audition request form online to schedule their audition. Additional dates and times will be added (if necessary) to allow all interested students an opportunity to audition
What if my student can't make any of the schedule audition dates or times?
In the event a student is unable to attend the scheduled auditions, they may submit a video audition or request an audition exception that would allow them to audition at a different date and time (if available). Students that are unable to audition will not have another opportunity to do so until auditions for the following session begin.
Will my student have to audition for the On Stage program each session, even if he or she has participated in it previously?
Yes. Acceptance into the program is only applicable for the current session and does not guarantee a spot in the program the following session.
My student auditioned for the program but wasn’t accepted. Can you tell me why and what they need to work on for next time?
Of course. It wouldn’t be to the student’s benefit if we kept that information to ourselves. We want to provide constructive feedback to help keep every student motivated and moving towards becoming part of the On Stage program.
When will the On Stage program rehearse, and for how long?
Exact rehearsal dates may change from session to session. However, the exact rehearsal dates (for those that are accepted into the program) will be made available prior to auditions. This will allow everyone auditioning to know the date and time commitment prior to auditioning. Each rehearsal will last one hour.
What happens if my student misses a rehearsal?
The On Stage program will be under the direction of a ROOTS music mentor, who will act as the band’s “manager.”
Does my student need his or her own instrument? 
Yes. ROOTS will provide a majority of the instruments needed for rehearsals and performances. However, guitarists and bassists are expected to bring their own instruments, and drummers their own sticks. Amps, vocal mics, keyboards, and drums/cymbals will be provided.
What songs will the On Stage bands perform in the program?
Students accepted into the On Stage program will work together to create a diverse set list of songs that can include, but isn’t limited to, covers, mash-ups, medleys, or originals.
Will the On Stage program only play Rock n' Roll?
No. Part of the goal of the On Stage program is to introduce students to all types of music. Students can expect to play a wide variety of music from genres like R&B, Gospel, Singer/Songwriter, Top 40, Classic Rock, Worship, Blues and Funk, Jazz, and more.
Can I watch or sit in on rehearsal if my student is accepted into the program?
Due to the amount of people and gear, and the amount of work students will need to accomplish at each rehearsal to have a successful performance, parents/guardians,
family and friends, etc. will not be allowed to sit in on rehearsals.
Will the On Stage program perform live?
Yes! Each session will culminate with a live performance. Performance dates, times, and venues, will be announced as soon as it becomes available for each session. Show length will be determined by the number of songs students have prepared and how many bands there are.
Will I need tickets to watch the live performance? 
This will depend on the venue and can vary from one session to the next. Ticket information, such as on-sale date and cost will be made available as soon as it becomes available for each session. Tickets, (if needed) will be sold on a first-come first-served basis. Some performances, however, may not require any tickets to be purchased.
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