The First Impressions Coordinator (aka Front Desk Receptionist) plays an integral role on ROOTS First Impressions Team (“FIT”). You are the first impression our prospective and current customers receive when they walk in the door. Your warm reception can bring a smile, calm a nervous student, appease an anxious parent, or invite a celebration for a job well done. You’re expected to be friendly, excited about helping others and quick to start conversations.

The range of responsibilities for this position may vary from day to day, but ultimately, your responsibility is to ensure that our customer experience is top-notch.

Tasks may include:

  • Be the first to welcome guests with a smile and warm greeting.
  • Answer the phone with enthusiasm.
  • Go the extra mile to help a guest, student or team member.
  • Be quick to offer assistance and serve our guests.
  • Prepare for our new students arrival and experience.
  • Introduce students to mentors (aka “teachers”) or substitutes.
  • Contribute to the growth of our studio by asking families to enroll after their trial experience.
  • Help us refine and grow by documenting customer feedback and brainstorm solutions on how to improve their experiences.
  • Assist the marketing and programming team by coming up with fun promotional ideas for classes, lessons, events and other experiences.
  • Ensure the lobby, studios and restrooms remain clean, stocked and organized.
  • Open or close the studio.

To apply, complete the Wonscore Assessment and submit the following to

Job Type: Part-time

About Kyle Chowning

CEO/owner ROOTS Academy, CEO/Founder Full Cycle Marketing, Co-founder/Executive Director Help-Portrait, Christ-follower, dad & husband to Kristy. On the launch teams for RELEVANT and Halogen TV

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