Music Lesson Holds
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Music Lesson Hold Policy

We understand that life happens, and you may need to pause your lessons for a variety of reasons, like a school play, basketball season, or sometimes even an extended illness or family hardship. We’d rather it be for the play or basketball! But whatever the reason, ROOTS has crafted a hold policy with you in mind. It allows you to put your lessons on hold rather than withdrawing completely.

  • Private music lessons may be put on hold for 1 or 2 months. (By the way, group music class/sessions are too short to put on hold, so those aren’t eligible.)
  • To place a hold on your lessons, just submit your request using the Music Lesson Hold Form below. That’s it!

Here’s what you need to know before submitting your request:

  1. We require at least 2 weeks’ notice before your next billing due date (if you’re not sure what that date is, just ask!) when you submit your request.
  2. Your hold period will begin on your next billing date.
  3. Students may remain on the schedule as usual through the remainder of their current billing cycle.
  4. Your tuition will be charged monthly on your usual billing due date, reduced to 60% for the duration of the hold (1 or 2 months)
  5. Tuition will automatically return to the full rate at the end of the hold period, and lessons will return to the usual weekly frequency.
  6. The hold includes the following benefits:
    • Same day, time & mentor upon return
    • Same tuition rate
    • No re-registration fee
    • Up to 2 lessons per month during the hold. These lessons must be scheduled in advance. The standard makeup policy will apply.

Putting lessons on hold rather than withdrawing completely saves you time and money if your student plans to return within 2 months.

Submit your Music Lesson Hold Form here:

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