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Peter Ferguson

Peter Ferguson

Peter Ferguson (guitar • bass) knows the power of music. He’s seen it as a catalyst for positive change in his own life and those around him. “In a world where all violence answers violence all too often, we can find peace in the organized combination of melody, harmony and rhythm,” He says. “In the words of Leonard Bernstein, ‘This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.’”

Peter’s personal approach to music makes him a valuable player to many of the professional artists he’s toured and played with, including DNK, Celia Whitler, Fiona Culley, Julia Cole, Abigail York, Bridget Caldwell and Sarah Jane Nelson. The Wisconsin-born, Colorado-raised guitarist moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University. There he earned a Bachelor’s of Music in Commercial Music with an emphasis in performance and was named “Guitarist of the Year.”

A multiple award-winner at the high school level as well, Peter thrives on mentoring upcoming guitarists. “I love leading a student and being led by the student through this incredible world of music,” he says. “There is so much to learn, and each student brings a new approach and new ways to look at the complexities which characterize the art.”

When he’s not playing or teaching, you can find him catching up with friends at Chago’s Cantina or Mafiaoza’s, working out at the public gym at Riverfront Park or running.

Here’s a little more about Peter:

Q&A with Peter

Where do you look for creative inspiration?
Pretty much anywhere, but I do find a lot of inspiration when I am in the mountains in Colorado.

What is your favorite down-time activity to reduce stress?
I love running, working out, doing yoga, and eating food after I do those things.

Of all the places you have traveled, which is your favorite?
Colorado, by far.

Any funny/embarrassing stories you have to share that has happened in your profession?
I was on a hotel gig a few summers ago. We played the same songs every night, but with different singers. On this particular tune, “My Girl,” the singers’ keys were a tritone apart. I went to kick off the tune — in the wrong key. The clash was horrible! However, we were all there trying to play jazz so it was kinda hip at the same time.

If you could meet one author, performer who would it be and what wold you ask them?
I would love to meet Bach. I would probably melt into some contrapuntal slime before I could say anything.

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