Lacie Carpenter
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Lacie Carpenter (violin) was born and raised in the great state of Texas and now resides in Nashville.  She grew up singing and playing all types of music and instruments, but the violin and fiddle won out! Her classical violin background spurs on her creativeness and passion for country, Celtic, rock n roll, and bluegrass.  Having graduated from Stephen F. Austin with her degree in Music Education/specialization in Violin Performance and a MS in Psychology-she teaches private lessons in many musical crafts, writing courses, and performs globally. Lacie studied with Dr. Jennifer Dalmas, Dr. Isidor Saslav and Dr. Jane Saber.

Performing is what she loves-no matter the genre.  With moves like “The Flying High” and “Fiddle on Back,” she gives performances like no other.  Just like the fine fiddlers before her, she keeps the sound honest and true to form yet has the ability to cut loose either on her 4 string acoustic or her 7 string fretted, Mark Wood Viper electric violin.  It has been said that she is the “Female Doug Kershaw,” and “The artist to watch out for in Texas.”

Lacie is the winner of 12 East Texas Music Awards, but the ones she is most proud of are Fiddler Of The Year 2012-2014,2016 and 2017. In 2015, Lacie was awarded ETX Bluegrass Act of the Year. She has also been blessed to be nominated for a Josie Award–Folk Song of the Year (“Clivus” 2016), and Bluegrass Artist of the Year (2017).

She has been able to grace the stage with greats such as Mark O’Connor, Mark Wood, Judy Hyman, Jonna Fitzgerald, Bruce Molsky, Isidor Saslav, and Jimmy Fortune.  She has recorded with Lauren Grant of the DFW area and you can purchase her record now! Look for David Allen’s album where she recorded some awesome fiddle riffs in his wonderful original works.  Session work at Jay’s Place Recording Studio and Dan Hagan. Her vocal stylings are said to be “Traditional and rootsy yet eclectic in nature.” She is an active co-writer in the Nashville, TN, and Texas areas.

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