Krystol Wade
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Krystol Wade

Krystol Wade

Krystol Wade (pianostarted piano lessons at age 7 because she wanted to play the violin, but her dad encouraged her to learn the piano first. She calls it “the best thing I was ever made to do.” Thanks to her parents, she stuck with it and eventually fell in love with piano and music.

She has been a part of church worship since the age of 12, singing specials and playing piano.  She was mostly classically trained with some jazz experience.  She wrote her first song at 16, after learning 4 chords on the guitar.  Since then, songwriting has become a form of therapy for her. 

She went on to study a more classical approach, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Composition from Greenville College.  While at Greenville, she had a chance to perform with a choir, record an EP of original songs, write and perform with her friends in a campus band, tour with a worship team and organize 35 performers in her senior recital.  

A year after graduation, she felt called to move to Nashville to be in a music hub and be a part of the creative community.  She has three years of piano teaching experience and enjoys helping students reach their goals.  She loves guiding beginners on their musical journey and seeing their growth and potential.

 “I really love seeing young student’s love of music being realized, and seeing the light in their eyes when they accomplish something that makes them proud. It’s such an amazing thing to inspire students to dream big!”

Q&A with Krystol:

Place I Spend Most of My Time:
Anywhere outside, near water and trees. I get so inspired by nature and feel closest to God there.

Place I Wish I Spent Most of My Time:
Concerts! If I could go to a concert every day, I would be continually musically inspired and creative.

A Quote Good Enough to be Instagrammed:
“Where your talents and the needs of the world cross, lies your calling.” -Aristotle

This helped me realize my passion for music can be a tool to help and encourage people.  It has kept me going! 

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