Alison Stevens
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Alison Stevens (pianovoice) studied music under a concert pianist in high school and voice at California Baptist University and has led worship at churches, retreats and conventions for the past 15 years, including at the Tennessee Baptist WMU Annual Convention, Spirit West Coast with Bob Kilpatrick and Sun Grove Community Church in California (where she served as the primary leader worship leader and vocal director).

Alison began playing piano at the age of 7 and immediately fell in love. She attributes her love for music to three people in her life – “my mom, for making me stick with it,” says Alison, “my first piano instructor, Virginia Ostrom, whose passion for making sure her students skilled and knowledgable, and Perla Warren, my college choral instructor who had an amazing gift of bringing music to life – communicating music and not just performing it, shapes everything I do musically.”

She currently resides in Nashville, TN, with her husband, Rich, and their three children. “Worship is a way of life for me, not just something you ‘do’,” says, “Every moment of every day is meant to reflect the glory of our Creator; this story we are in is not our own. Being ever-mindful of that is my prayer everyday.”

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