Private Ukulele Lessons
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ROOTS offers private ukulele lessons. By learning to play an instrument like the ukulele, students gain a range of skills that last a lifetime.

private ukulele lessons

Private Ukulele Lessons

The ukulele been known as the “people’s instrument” for its accessibility, portability and affordability over the decades, and its charming sound has made it a unique, beloved member of the strings family. ROOTS can help students learn the ins-and-outs of this small, four-stringed instrument in a fun, encouraging environment.

The ukulele is an especially appropriate choice for younger students, due to its miniature size and plastic strings, making it easier for smaller children to manage.

The Story of the Ukulele

The ukulele was first brought to Hawaii from Portugal in 1879 when hundreds of Portuguese immigrants arrived in Honolulu to work in the sugar cane fields. A man named Joao Fernandez began strumming his “branquinha” (similar to the ukulele we know today) to celebrate when they reached land. The native Hawaiians were so taken with the instrument and Fernandez’ skill they dubbed the instrument “ukulele,” which translates to “jumping flea,” due to the sound and his dancing fingers.

Since then, the ukulele has found popularity as an affordable, accessible instrument, particularly in the 1930s during the Great Depression, when more expensive instruments became harder to afford, according to The Atlantic. The rock generation of Elvis and The Beatles pushed the “uke” to the side for a few decades until the 80s, when the pendulum swung back toward the quirky instrument as a breath of fresh air.

The ukulele took another jump into the spotlight with the rising popularity of folk-inspired music over the last few years and even the rise of viral videos on YouTube. Ukulele sales jumped 54 percent in 2013, according to the National Association of Music Merchants.

As a result of its unique story, the community of ukulele players is built on welcoming beginners, making it is a relaxed and encouraging environment in which to learn.

“There’s no hierarchy of advanced players, just wide-open acceptance. Since so many people are new to the instrument, they remember what it was like to be a beginner,” says Marcy Marxer, a two-time Grammy winning player.

Benefits of Ukulele Lessons

On top of these qualities unique to the ukulele, learning a stringed instrument benefits students in several ways, including:

  • increasing dexterity and fine motor skills
  • improved concentration
  • sense of belonging and community
  • self-reliance and positive pressure to grow and learn

Learn more about private ukulele lessons at ROOTS Academy, or click the links to enroll or request a free trial.


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