Private Bass Guitar Lessons
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ROOTS offers private bass guitar lessons as well as guitar. By learning one of these instruments, students improve not only their mind but their body as well.

private bass guitar lessons

The bass guitar became the foundation for modern music in the 1960s, edging out the upright double bass in many genres. Most are four-stringed instruments tuned an octave down from the four lowest strings on a guitar, and they can be played in a variety of styles, from plucking and snapping to tapping and strumming, depending on the genre. The bassist keeps a band anchored and fills out the bottom end of a piece. Without it, most bands would sound empty. pictured bass guitar mentor Dave Mohr

Private Bass Guitar Lessons

Bass is the backbone of almost any band. Future bassists will learn the skills they need to hold down the rhythm section with style and precision by taking bass guitar lessons at ROOTS.

Learning to play skillfully takes dedication and practice, but at ROOTS, the mentors keep it fun and encouraging. Students will learn in an uplifting environment and go beyond basics to hone their talent and become proficient bass guitar players. Studies prove that learning an instrument can be highly beneficial, improving skills in more than just the arts, including:

  • improved concentration and attention spans
  • improved dexterity and fine motor skills
  • improved sense of self worth and confidence
  • positive pressure to learn and grow
  • self-reliance skills
  • cooperation skills and social skills with other players, sense of belonging

Learn more about private bass guitar lessons at ROOTS Academy, or click the links to enroll or request a free trial.


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