Private Banjo Lessons
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ROOTS offers private banjo lessons. By learning to play an instrument like the banjo, students gain a range of skills that last a lifetime.

private banjo lessons

The banjo originated in Africa and was popularized in the U.S. in the 19th century by slaves. Its unique spirited sound comes from the thin tensioned membrane stretched across the circular wooden frame, similar to a drum head, further projected by its metal tone ring. In the 1890s, frets were added to the neck of the instrument, giving it the modern form we know today.

Private Banjo Lessons

It’s an easily recognized, iconic piece of Americana. Banjos are known for their trademark folky sound and continue to be a staple across folk, country and several other genres. Through private banjo lessons at ROOTS, students will learn to pluck the banjo with skill, precision and feeling in an encouraging, fun environment.

Learning the banjo takes concentration and learned dexterity, as it requires using two hands to do different things simultaneously — one forming chords and the other rolling across the strings to create the classic finger-picking sound. Taking banjo lessons, like many other stringed instruments, benefits students in a number of ways:

  • improved concentration and attention span
  • improved dexterity
  • increased sense of self and confidence
  • positive pressure to grow and learn
  • a sense of belonging and social skills with other players

Influential banjo players:

Uncle Dave Macon – “first star of The Grand Ole Opry”

Earl Scruggs – “probably the single most influential instrumentalist in American roots music, as generations of younger musicians took his style and built on it.”

Bela Fleck – “moved the banjo well into the arena of jazz and even formal music” 


Learn more about private banjo lessons at ROOTS Academy, or click the links to enroll or request a free trial.


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