Private Guitar Lessons
ROOTS Academy offers guitar lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced level musicians.

Guitar lessons are a long-term investment, but with regular practice time, students can be enjoying the guitar in as little as a few months. It’s not easy, but with the help of a ROOTS mentor as a guide, the enjoyment and benefit of learning to play music will last a lifetime.

guitar lessons

The guitar tops the list of most popular instruments to learn and play, according to a UK study released in 2014. It’s universally appealing, versatile and a great way to begin your journey to becoming a musician.

Guitar Lessons: Developing Skills & Relationships

Learning guitar happens a little differently than other instruments, which primarily use music notation — and one Vanderbilt psychologist set out to explore why that is. With the help of Nashville musicians, his experiments showed that while you start out by using music notation, guitarists learn best when watching other guitarists and copying them.

If you or your student excels in learning this way, private guitar lessons at ROOTS Academy will be a good fit.

Not only will your student develop a one-on-one relationship with a qualified mentor, but lessons will help in many ways, like:

  • developing proper technique and spotting problems
  • helping choose music that fits your personality and skill level
  • exercises that help develop dexterity and overcome challenges
  • positive pressure to grow and learn
  • the opportunity to learn from skilled, professional musicians with a heart for teaching the next generation of guitar players

“The staff at ROOTS have nurtured their love of music and passion to learn. The quality of instruction is second to none. ROOTS’ mentors truly invest in the kids — their interest and investment goes beyond the music lessons. My favorite side benefit of the lessons has been the huge boost in confidence from performing at the recitals.” –Tyler Dugar

Learn more about private music lessons at ROOTS Academy or click the links to enroll or request a free trial.


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