ROOTS welcomes its newest drum mentor, Jeremy McCormick!

ROOTS-Staff-Pictures-jeremy-mccormickJeremy McCormick (drums) began studying music at age 11, but it wasn’t until he was 16 when he first sat at a drum set and “instantly fell in love.” “I thought to myself, this is what I am supposed to me doing. From that moment on I wanted to study as much drum set as possible.”

Studied, he has. He studied music at California State University, Northridge and Antelope Valley College and has studied privately with Mike Agorilla (Taylor Hicks, Vanessa Carlton) Tre Balfour (Michael Bolton, Gladys Knight) Roy McCurdy (Cannonball Adderly, Blood, Sweat & Tears) John Magnussen (LA Philharmonic, Tonight Show). Some notable names he’s worked with include Ryan Lafferty, Josh Wilson, Ronnie McDowell, Ginny Owens and Levi Weaver.

He’s been teaching for six years and believes the student he does especially well with is one who is striving to become better and grow – both musically and personally. “I believe teaching music is a tool to instill great characteristics and work ethic into students,” he says. “I believe music is such a fantastic instrument to reach and relate to people.” 

He counts his biggest accomplishment as marrying his bride this year. 

Q&A with Jeremy

What’s your favorite day of the week and why?
Any day I get to be home with my wife.

Favorite indulgence:
Chuy’s creamy jalapeño ranch, hands down. 

Place you spend most of your time:
Downstairs in my drum room

Place you wish you spent most of your time:
In a studio somewhere recording drum tracks

What do you want to be when you grow up?
The best husband, father and musician I can be. 

Your coffee order:
Cup of coffee, no room, the lightest roast you have.

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Fall Break Hours 10/17-10/20: OPEN for music lessons; dance is CLOSED.