ROOTS Academy welcomes Joe Tounge, our newest drum mentor and proud Bostonian!

ROOTS-Staff-Pictures Joe ToungeJoe Tounge (drums) studied classical percussion at Gordon College in Boston, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Music (and a minor in math). He currently works as a drummer and writer for a licensed music therapist and plays drums as part of the worship team at Mosaic Nashville.

His passion? Music. “Everything about it,” he says. “From melody to harmony and rhythm. But nothing excites me more than a good groove, and as a drummer it is my job to provide that and figure out ways to advance it. But I am also passionate about inspiring others to use their gifts and passions in whatever way they feel led.”

That’s what led him to become a mentor at ROOTS Academy. “I feel very strongly about the role a teacher plays in a person’s life,” he says. “The real reason I took to drums were my first two teachers. They taught in such a way that not only pushed me to get better, but never overwhelmed me.”

It’s an approach that influences the way he interacts with his students. “I try to find the balance between fun and discipline, and I think students really take to that,” he says. “Most everything I do, I introduce at a level that they can understand/play and then take the time to show them what it sounds like when you’ve been playing for 16 years. I try to show them what’s out there — what the future has. That always worked for me when I was young. I also try to break things down as much as needed, so they can digest it in a proper way.”

Here’s a little more about Joe.

Q&A with Joe

Of all the places you have traveled, which is your favorite? 

I really like London, but now that I live away from home, there is nothing like a New England Beach.

Any funny/embarrassing stories you have to share that has happened in your profession? 

I definitely showed up to the wrong gig once… had my dates backward.

Give us an idea of your sense of humor. Is there a YouTube video that really made you “laugh out loud”?

Hmm… grape-squashing lady? I think it’s hysterical when people fall/get hurt. Does that make me sound like a bad person?

What type of music did you grow up listening to?

A healthy blend of POP/punk, Christian and jazz

What is your favorite quote?

“Don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re not good enough…. Especially yourself”

Read more about Joe on his mentor page.

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