Hip Hop Dance Camp – Nashville, TN
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Can’t stop that feeling? ROOTS Hip Hop Camp has what you need to keep dancing all summer long.


USA Today declared 2015 the year of hip hop — and for good reason. The music and dance style that gained popularity in the 80s has become mainstream. Thankfully, there are songs with good, clean messages that can help kids connect with each other and promote healthy lifestyles.

In this original day camp from ROOTS Academy, students will learn the basic movements of hip hop and learn to improvise and choreograph. The skills they’ll have a blast learning will help them on and off the dance floor as they gain confidence to conquer new challenges.

Taught in an open and non-competitive atmosphere, students will get a great workout while learning fun and upbeat moves to their favorite songs. No experience necessary!

Students will: 

  • Learn valuable stretch and warm-up exercises
  • Learn traditional Hip Hop, Break Dance, and Freestyle choreography
  • Dance along to their favorite (clean) songs
  • Learn to self-choreograph routines along with their friends
  • Receive one-on-one attention from ROOTS mentors
  • Create their very own Music Video
  • Perform their routines for family and friends at the end of the week

What You Can Expect

ROOTS is a fun, engaging and safe place for students of all ages to learn the art of bands. We are a performing arts academy that’s designed to teach with excellence and committed to empowering our students to do their best.

The ROOTS Philosophy

ROOTS was created to give students of all ages a chance to explore what’s possible in the world of performing arts. Whether it’s music lessons, dance classes or summer camps, we build all of our programs around the same three foundations:

1. Creativity

We believe every student possesses a unique gift of creativity. Our mentors tailor each experience to help students to foster, uncover and explore their creative and problem-solving potential.

2. Discipline

Journalist and bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell popularized the idea that it takes roughly 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field. At ROOTS, we are committed to instilling discipline in our students to achieve their highest potential.

3. Performance

We are committed to teaching our students to perform at their best. Whether that’s in a recital, concert or a performance event, our students will be coached on self-awareness, presentation and audience engagement.

This is our philosophy and our promise to you.


Don’t take our word for it…


“I LOVE Roots! I haven’t even been dancing here for that long, but so far I have had one of the best experiences of my life.
The teachers are caring and loving. All of the students are like a family to me. I love how I can dance in a safe…place without being judged…”
Annabelle Mae, ROOTS Dancer


“We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Roots! We love that our daughter is doing what she loves in a Christian environment. The teachers are amazing and incredibly encouraging. We’ve been to different studios and hands down this one is the most organized, responsive and has the most wonderful instructors/mentors.”
Christina Brown, ROOTS Dance Parent


“My daughter has participated in dance (class + camp) in the past and is now going on a year of violin lessons at Roots. We have loved our experience there. The atmosphere is so fun and inspirational. The teachers and staff are positive, encouraging and helpful.” – Jessica Wolstenholm, ROOTS Parent



The ROOTS camp staff includes a dedicated group of vetted and experienced teachers. Most are year-round ROOTS mentors, but some have been hired specifically for their camp because of their expertise in the summer camp topic.

All lessons, classes, and camps are lead by instructors that we purposely call “mentors.”

We take the responsibility of training the next generation seriously.

Each mentor is trained and empowered to develop the student’s gifts and talents, but also to build trusted and reliable connections. We believe that if the students trust the environment and mentor, they will thrive and grow faster.

Hip Hop Camp Benefits:

  • Help build self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Increase independence and leadership skills
  • Foster friendships and social skills with opportunities to work in teams
  • Provide a spirit of adventure and willingness to try new things
  • Feature friendly, enthusiastic teachers who are background-checked and experts in their field
  • Cover a concentrated exploration of the camp topic
  • Include interactive activities that involve the body and mind and teaching approaches that work well for different learning styles
  • Feature age-appropriate material
  • Provide invaluable performance opportunities

Payment Plan

We’re happy to announce that we’re introducing a new 3-month payment plan option this year for all ROOTS Summer Camps.

Payment Plan Details:

  • When you enroll in camp, you have the option of splitting your payments into thirds, spaced one month apart. (ex: Register for camp on 4/10 pay $115; pay next installment of $115 on 5/10; pay final installment of $115 on 6/10)
  • You do not have to complete full payments by the start of camp. (ex. If you register 5/4 for a June camp, your final payment is not due until 7/4)
  • Pay in full and save 15%. (If you’d like to save the extra fees on the payment plan, pay full price today and save 15%)

Registration, Withdrawal, & Reimbursement Policy:

  • Payment is due either in full or in the first installment of a payment plan upon registration.
  • All registration cancellations will be subject to a $25 fee, which will be deducted from your reimbursement.
  • Cancellations made prior to 1 month before the camp start date are eligible for reimbursement in the original form of payment.
  • Cancellations made within 1 month of the camp start date are eligible for reimbursement in the original form of payment, only if the spot can be filled by another student.
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