2017-2018 Dance Schedule
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Monday – Wednesday

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Thursday – Saturday

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Monday – Wednesday
Thursday – Saturday


Not sure what class or level applies to your dancer?

Toddler & Preschool Program
  • Toddler – Ages 2.5-3
  • Preschool I – Ages 3-4
  • Preschool II – Ages 4-5
K-12th Open Classes
Open classes are not determined by dancer’s ability, but by grade level. These classes are recommended for beginner/intermediate dancers and do not require a placement.
  • Mini – K-2nd
  • Youth – 3rd-5th
  • Junior/Teen – 6th-12th
K-12th Level Classes
Students will be placed by age and ability, and not the amount of time they have taken dance. Dance experience is required for level classes. All level classes require a placement by a ROOTS Dance Faculty member. Please contact dance@rootsacademy.net to set up an evaluation. Levels may vary in age/grade levels due to dancer ability.
  • Level I – K-2nd
  • Level II – 3rd-5th
  • Level III – 6th-12th
  • Level IV – 6th-12th
  • Level V – 6th-12th


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