Deavon Walden
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Deavon Walden

Deavon Walden

Deavon Walden is a dance teacher and choreographer with 16 years’ experience. Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, he’s been dancing since he was 4 and teaching since he graduated from DC Dance Factory at 18.

He has trained at many studios and has learned from some of the best, he says, even getting opportunities to perform alongside them.

He has toured with Disney artist Coco Jones, starred in a music video for country artist Eric Paslay, performed on award shows with artists such as Pharrell and TobyMac, and has been in numerous other gigs, modeling, acting, and dancing.

While many people see dance as a hobby, Deavon sees dance as a career, a learning experience, a personal form of expression, and overall, a chance to impact the lives of his students.


How long have you been doing what you do?

I’ve been a dancer for 16 years total, and a teacher for about 3. I didn’t start choreographing until my later high school years, mostly because I hadn’t really thought too much about where I wanted to go in the dance world. I picked up a job teaching for some extra cash, and from there my passion for teaching just exploded.

Who have you worked with in the past? In what capacity?

I’ve worked with many people, famous and not famous, dancers and artists. Some of the most notable artists I’ve worked with would be Eric Paslay, Pharrell, Little Bigtown, and TobyMac. I’ve worked with many others, but those are the few that I feel are the most prominent at the moment. Probably the number one dancer that I’ve worked with (who also taught me through my high school years) would be Nick Bass.

Why are you passionate about teaching?

For me, teaching isn’t just about setting choreography on students or even about just teaching dance. It’s more about teaching strong character, study work ethic, commitment, teamwork, passion, self-confidence, and a multitude of other things that I struggle to find in other industries. There’s a feeling you get from seeing your students make a sort of personal breakthrough, if you will, and you see them blossom (for lack of a less cheesy word) into this mature, professional, amazing person and dancer. It’s a feeling I haven’t been able to find anywhere else.

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