Dance Mentors
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At ROOTS, teaching dance isn’t just about learning technique. Our students are lead by passionate and well-trained professionals who recognize the greater role they play in students lives. That’s why we call them dance “mentors.”

Saskia Harmon | Program Director

Jessica Stillman | Company Manager

Jen Burns | Dance Coordinator

Kathleen McPherson | Mentor

Deavon Walden

Deavon Walden | Mentor

Kelsey Southerland | Mentor

Jordan Melton | Mentor

Jillian Lovins | Mentor

Kira Fargas | Mentor

Maria Logan | Mentor

Vivienne Heskje | Mentor

Mary Beth Jackson | Mentor

Mandy Callahan | Mentor

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Thanksgiving Closures: No lessons or classes from 11/19 through 11/24!