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ROOTS is excited to introduce the new leader of our dance program For as long as Saskia Harmon can remember, dance has been at the center of her life. Now we’re thrilled to announce that she’s the new dance program director at ROOTS Academy. Born and raised in DeLand, Florida (about 40 minutes outside of… Read More »

ROOTS is excited to introduce our newest voice and piano mentor, Emmoe Doniz. Emmoe Doniz (voice • piano) finally comes home to Nashville to join the ROOTS team as its newest mentor. Emmoe began singing at age 13, leading worship at 16, and after joining the band D. Clea, discovered a passion for teaching music.… Read More »

ROOTS is excited to introduce our newest drum mentor, Dennis Palmer. Dennis Palmer (drums) has been drumming for 25 years and has played professionally for a number of groups including: Sweetwater Rose, Susan Benjey, Harlow and the Wager, Soular 7, The Solomon’s Porch Band, Rachel Harlow, Megan Santi, Lauren Maze and Tom & Co. He… Read More »

The staff at ROOTS is pleased to welcome its newest mentor, Julia Fisher. She first heard about ROOTS from mentor Joe Tounge. Once she heard all the good things he had to say about ROOTS, she had to check it out. We’re glad she did. Welcome to the team, Julia. Julia Fisher (violin) grew up in Chippewa… Read More »

The staff at ROOTS is pleased to welcome its newest mentor, Jaclyn French. She first heard about ROOTS from friends she went to school with who are mentors here now! Welcome to the team, Jaclyn. Jaclyn French (voice • guitar • songwriting) is known for innovating, building, and inspiring worship teams. She’s been playing, singing, teaching and leading worship for around 10… Read More »

ROOTS welcomes its newest voice mentor, Leah Taylor! Leah Taylor (voice • piano) is a professional vocalist who has experience singing with the Nashville Symphony choir, Sandi Patti, Steve Green, Michael W. Smith, Women of Faith Worship Team and many more. Taylor has played piano since she was 4, taught piano for 12 years, and won… Read More »

By Roger Jaeger, Singer/Songwriter & ROOTS Mentor As I type this, it’s a Monday afternoon. I’m sitting in a home studio in Brentwood, Tennessee, watching the back of my producer’s head as he mixes a song from the album we’ve worked on together for the last month and a half. Why am I doing this?… Read More »

Ella Kinder is a bundle of energy, a ray of sunshine, and a bright light to any place or person she comes in contact with. We at ROOTS have had the privilege of getting to know Ella over the past few years and watch her find her voice through music and dance. At the heart… Read More »

“Music is a powerful force. It has rallied nations to patriotism, and given hope to individuals in their darkest times. It can be used as therapy for patients with mental and physical illness, or pump up an athlete before their performance. Music can be the reason for the emotional climax in our favorite movies, or… Read More »

ROOTS welcomes its newest guitar and bass mentor, Dave Mohr. Dave Mohr (guitar • bass) is a recording artist and guitarist with the group The Era, with his wife Nicole and her sister. Previously he played for Remedy Drive, which was nominated for “Best Rock Song of the Year.” These days he’s focusing on teaching… Read More »

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