Enroll your child in one of our open dance classes to help keep them moving, thinking, and having fun after the school day ends

Going back to school can be a rough transition for kids.

Instead of having all that free time to run around under the sun, swim at the pool, and play in the yard, they spend most of their days sitting at a desk and looking for an outlet for all their pent-up energy.

Don’t let them come home and crash in front of the TV. Get them dancing!

Classes at ROOTS Academy begin on Sept. 4, and now is the time to enroll in one of the many offerings we have for students of all ages. We have programs for minis (ages 5 to 8), juniors (ages 9 to 11), and teens and seniors (ages 12 and older).

If you’ve got a little dancer who isn’t in school yet, we’ve also got plenty of classes available to toddlers (ages 2.5 to 3) and preschoolers (ages 3 to 5). Take a look at our schedule here.

As dance program director Saskia Harmon points out, dance lessons are more than just a physical workout. They also give kids a lot of thinking and social skills that complement what they’re learning in school.

“Dance lessons teach students how to move creatively through exercise, as well as enhance their coordination and memorization skills,” she said. “Dance helps students work in a group setting and teaches them determination, drive, and work ethic.”

Saskia, a lifelong dancer, credits dance with helping to turn her into the person she is today.

“Dance has played a huge role in my self-esteem throughout the many years I have danced, giving me the confidence and courage to be successful in front of my peers and coworkers,” she said. “Artistically, dance gives kids an outlet to express themselves in a safe environment and grow as individuals.”

While some of our classes require advance placement, we also have plenty that are open to new dancers with little to no experience.

Check out some of the classes you can enroll your child in today!

Open Ballet

Ballet is traditionally the first dance class that students take, and for good reason. Ballet training is the cornerstone of just about all other genres of dance. “Our open ballet class is perfect to set up students for success in other styles of dance,” Saskia said. “This class will teach students the fundamentals of dance and develop their discipline. Technique will be a major focus in our ballet classes, giving our students the ability to apply their technique, poise, and posture in other dance classes.”


If you’re looking for a way to keep your child active and promote a healthy lifestyle, Acro (or acrobatics) is a great place to start. There’s no recital dance connected to this class, which focuses on strength exercises, flexibility, and tumbling. “Acro is a great class to gain exercise dedication,” said Saskia. “We have multiple levels of this class, so our students will have the chance to work on a specific skill set that is challenging yet achievable. The students will also focus heavily on strength exercises, so they can learn how to build their muscles properly.”

Boys Crew

Regardless of what your son might think, dance classes aren’t just for girls! We offer Boys Crew, which is a high-energy hip hop class infusing the latest styles of street dancing, breaking, and popping. “Boys Crew is a fun and energizing class led by a male teacher, giving the boys the extra comfort of dancing and being taught by a male mentor. In this class, boys will learn coordination and musicality, and they’ll also enhance their self-esteem.” Don’t worry about girly dance attire, either. Students can wear T-shirts, athletic jerseys, tank tops, sweatpants, and shorts with sneakers.


Our combo class is a fantastic option for students who want to learn more than just one style of dance. Each session will focus on elements of both tap and jazz. “Our combo classes are a great way for younger students who are just getting started,” said Saskia. “Tap and jazz are both important foundational dance styles that dancers will use well into their careers. Students will learn the basics of rhythm, musicality, and proper body placement.” Of course, you’ll need to bring two pairs of shoes!

Hip Hop

Are traditional dance styles a little too formal? Our hip hop class is definitely among the most popular with students. Drawing from the latest trends in street dancing and set to current music, this class will encourage students to bring their own individual personality to movement. “This class teaches kids isolations and how to move their body rhythmically,” Saskia said. “Hip Hop gives kids the opportunity to express themselves through dance, and challenge them mentally by memorizing lots of intricate steps and tempo changes.”

Jazz & Lyrical

If your child is already trained in ballet, this class is an incredible way to explore the artistry and storytelling aspects of dance. Combining both jazz and lyrical styles, it’ll teach students to work on expressive movement and draw from the emotion and mood of music. “In Lyrical, our dancers will learn how to express themselves through the selected music each week by telling a story through movement,” said Saskia. “Jazz is typically more upbeat, and students will learn how to master their turns, leaps, and jumps within a combination.”

Musical Theatre & Tap

We’ve always had a lot of interest in a musical theatre class, and we’re thrilled to add one to our schedule for the first time ever! This class will be heavily oriented in tap with lots of character-building through jazz movement. It’s incredible foundational training for any student with Broadway aspirations. “It’s the perfect class for kids interested in becoming a triple threat: a dancer, singer, and actor,” Saskia said. “It’ll give students an opportunity to portray a character that may be outside of their comfort zone and definitely push them creatively and mentally with intricate tap steps.”


Whether your child is just starting out or an advanced dancer with years of training, everyone needs to work on skills like leaps, turns, and jumps. Although most of these are taught within other classes, the Skills class will dive deeper into the mechanics to help students fine-tune their abilities. “Repetition is key in our Skills class, and it takes a lot of drive and discipline for students to achieve the goals they set for themselves,” Saskia said. “Having the right mindset and believing in yourself is a key element to succeeding in this class.”

Remember, ROOTS Academy classes begin on Sept. 4, so our enrollment period is only open for a few more weeks!

If you’d like to see for yourself what ROOTS is all about, you’re invited to attend our Open House on Saturday, Aug. 18. You can take a tour of our beautiful building and studios, take a free class, talk with some of our mentors, and find out which class is the right fit for your child.

Don’t miss out on any of the fun! Enroll in classes now!

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Fall Break Hours 10/17-10/20: OPEN for music lessons; dance is CLOSED.