Arianna Hume
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Arianna Hume (voice) joined ROOTS Academy in January, 2018 as a voice mentor. After moving to Nashville in 2014, Arianna completed her undergraduate degree in Commercial Voice from Belmont University’s School of Music, where she had the opportunity to study with a multitude of vocal professors, all specializing in different genres and styles of music. Now as a full-time musician in Nashville, she splits her time between teaching and performing, singing at venues and private events around town as a solo singer while also collaborating with fellow artists on independent projects as a background vocalist/session singer.

Thanks to her private voice studies at Belmont, and her regular experiences as a performing artist in Nashville, Arianna now has what she considers to be a very well-rounded approach to teaching voice. Her teaching style is composed of the three major factors she attributes to success as a singer – self-confidence, musicality, and technique.

Expanding on the first of those three fundamentals, Arianna truly believes that, for a student to truly discover their voice and all of its capabilities, they must first believe in their talent and embrace their unique sound. From genuine self-confidence stems engaging energy levels and presence while performing, a greater understanding of one’s distinct “sound,” and an unwavering dedication to and appreciation of music. While nurturing a student’s confidence in their own abilities, Arianna also strives to expand on their musicality, developing their ear so that they can better understand music and even take steps towards discovering their own skills as a songwriter or composer. To do this, Arianna leads all of her students through worksheets and activities to learn sight reading, identify melodic progressions, and internalize rhythms as they hear them. Along with developing their musicality, Arianna also incorporates a basic understanding of music theory into her lessons. With each student, Arianna aims to meet them where they are and go forward from there, tailoring her lessons to meet their specific needs in grasping music theory.

Overall, Arianna believes that these three fundamentals create a unique environment in her studio, where each student is given the freedom needed to realize their potential and explore their  own instrument, while also building the foundation needed to become a competent, well-educated musician.

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