It’s finally spring! Soon, the intoxicating mix of the blazing sun, ocean breezes and lingering wafts of chlorine will cloud all memory of chilly mornings, heavy textbooks and dinners on the run between after-school activities. Relief from the over-scheduled school year can’t come soon enough.

Time to shed the sports! Toss the studies! Skip the events! Goodbye to lessons!

WHOA! Wait a minute. Even the music lessons?

Summer is the only time all year when nothing else competes for time to play music!

So, it’s settled, then, right? Music can stay.

Continuing music lessons through the summer might seem like a non-starter for a lot of students and families who just need a break from a scheduled life. However, these precious months of recharging the batteries offer one of the best opportunities to enjoy playing music without the pressures and distractions of other activities.

Most people find playing music to be fun and relaxing, so why not tickle the ivories, strum the strings, and tap the traps a bit more while you’re not committed to a thousand other things?

There are numerous reasons to keep up with music lessons:

  • Don’t lose the progress you’ve made throughout the year
  • Keep your mind primed and ready for all of your academic studies
  • Your flexible summer schedule will allow you to practice with less pressure
  • Get a leg up on other music students for the coming year
  • A relaxed mind is a creative mind. Maybe you’ll start writing some new songs!
  • Keep your mentor and time slot into the new school year
  • Retain your current tuition price and forego any registration fees for fall
  • Learn new songs to play at the beach or around the campfire
  • Meet and play with other musicians. Maybe you can start a band!

Let’s face it – rocking out some good tunes or blissing out some gorgeous pieces is one of the most fun and rewarding ways to spend your time! Sounds like a perfect fit for summer.

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RICK WRIGHTRick Wright brings more than 15 years of experience in music business management, program development and customer relations to ROOTS. He has an immense passion for music and performing arts, devoting the last four years to empowering youth and teens through music performance, recording and songwriting education. He has a diverse background in business strategies, program development and curriculum implementation as well.



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