You already know not all summer camps are created equal. When you’re choosing a summer camp for your child, keep the following 7 markers of a quality program in mind.

1. Safety.

Anyone who works with children should undergo a background check. Check to see if this comes standard with the employees of the hosting facility.

In addition, you should have ample information about what your camper will be doing while at the camp. The camp experience should be organized (not chaotic). There should be a clear protocol for drop off and pick up.

If things seem on the fly, chances are you should take a closer look at whether this will be a quality camp experience.

2. Creativity.

Summer is for fun, but it’s also about keeping students engaged, learning and growing. “Just by planning their child’s summers, parents have a huge effect on their children’s education,” writes Sarah Baughn for

Camps that offer creative outlets are more likely to keep your child stimulated — especially in areas they’re not normally.

3. Community.

Summer offers opportunities for kids to be in environments different than usual. That can also lead to anxiety if the student does not know other kids. Camps should make a sense of belonging and community a priority. Every student should feel like he/she belongs.

4. Balance.

The best summer camps offer a balance of free time and structured time. Kid needs room to improvise and explore within safe boundaries. Structured time ensures they won’t get bored (or into trouble) with too much down time.

5. Expertise.

Anyone can offer a summer camp experience, but not everyone has the expertise or authority to do so. Your summer camp of choice should feature experts in their programming, so students are learning correctly.

6. Word of mouth.

Be wary of summer camps that have no track record or worse — negative online reviews. Get a sense of what other campers’ experiences have been. If none can be found online, request references from the company offering the camp.

7. Price.

One of the last things to look for in a summer camp is the price tag. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The price should reflect the quality of instruction, the people hired and the resources used. The focus of the program should be creating the optimal experience for individual campers, not filling seats.

At the end of the week, your child should be excited about his/her experience and want to come back. Pat yourself on the back for planning an awesome experience for your child!

Things to Look for in a Summer Camp

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