By: Haley Mueksch, Ballet Mentor


Dance has moved far beyond a once-weekly, extracurricular activity for little girls. Dance is a sport, a creative outlet, and for many, a lifestyle. Dance does not have to end when you graduate, start a career or have kids. Here at ROOTS Dance, we are all about YOU. There is a place for everyone – experienced or beginner – and we are dance advocates for far more reasons than the fun we have. Still not sure? Here are five sure fire reasons that Adult Dance classes are beneficial.

  • Dancing helps reduce stress levels. Exercise of any form is vital to your mental and emotional health, but dance is proven to reduce stress levels more than other forms of exercise. Movement within community and with musical accompaniment is the perfect recipe to diminish stress. 
  • Dancing is a great calorie burner. Let’s all be honest, working out is often a chore. Dance classes provide a great cardio workout in a way that doesn’t even seem like work. 

“After Hip Hop class with Charity, I checked my FitBit, and I had burned twice as many calories as I did in my cardio workout this morning! And, it was FUN.”

– Adult Hip Hop Student

  • Dancing improves your memory. Studies show that dance classes are a great preventative tool for memory loss and dementia. Retaining choreography and aerobic exercise both aid in a healthy mind, no matter your age. 
  • Dancing introduces you to new friends. Class community is a great place to make new friends with others who share your interests. Maintaining these relationships in a positive environment is not only fun, but it also benefits your emotional health and your immune system! 
  • You deserve it. You work hard. You deserve time for yourself and the things you enjoy doing. Grab some friends and spend an hour dancing your heart out. Need an excuse? Just reference this list.

ROOTS Adult Dance is in full swing, and we’d love for you to join us.

Click here for the full ROOTS Dance Adult Class Schedule.

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