Here at ROOTS, the holidays are about more than opening presents and over-eating with our families, they cap off a marathon week of musical excellence — the ROOTS Winter Music Recitals.

At the 2015 Winter Music Recitals, we saw over 150 ROOTS students perform on stage, ate approximately 700 sugar cookies (impressive), gave away 15 TobyMac Tickets and raised more than $500 for Ornaments4Orphans.

It is not lost on us how much time, preparation, and courage went into the week of December 7-11, 2015. We could go on and on about how proud we are of each and every one of these students, but ROOTS Guitar Mentor, Dave Mohr, said it pretty well:

“Learning and participating in music has immense potential for personal fulfillment. Yes, you can play that guitar in your room for your whole life and be a happier person because of it. However, performance brings out elements in the music and in the musician that would be difficult to discover without it.

I wish I could give all of my students (and maybe everyone else’s) a view into this proud teacher’s mind as I watched student after student blow me away with their talent at this year’s Winter recitals. It amazes me as a mentor what students are capable of. It forces me as a teacher and as an ever learning and growing student myself to never ‘take the easy road’ and to push myself and my students to reach for great accomplishments. All of our ROOTS students are an inspiration, and a reminder of what a great thing we share with music and performance.”

– Dave Mohr, Guitar Mentor

You heard it, ROOTS Students – you are an inspiration. Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey.

Check out some performance photos from the week (more coming soon!):

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