ROOTS Dance Recital 2017 • Ticket Information
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Recital Tickets are on sale now!

Follow these step-by-step instructions below on how to reserve and purchase recital tickets:

1) Go to

2) Select or search for the show your dancer is in. If you are purchasing tickets for multiple shows, you can add these later in the ticket purchasing process.

3) Add tickets to your cart.

4) Click “Buy Selected Seats” to continue to checkout.

5) Enter the remaining details to process your order. (steps 7-8 in photo below)

6) Once your order has been approved by the ROOTS Dance team, you will receive a confirmation email and your bank account will be charged for the tickets purchased.


  • What if I purchase tickets I do not end up needing?
    • No refunds are available for tickets purchased. Tickets may be exchanged for another show, pending ticket availability. Please contact the dance office at if an exchange is necessary.
  • Why does it tell me my ticket order must be approved?
    • All tickets sold during the Priority Ticket Sales window must be approved to ensure that you are purchasing tickets for the correct show. When your order is approved your card will be charged and your tickets emailed to you.
  • Are the tickets Reserved Seats or General Admission?
    • All tickets are general admission. Tickets purchased during the Priority Ticket Sales and during the Open Ticket Sales are the same, and you can sit together with your entire group at the show.
  • Does my toddler/little non-dancer need a ticket? OR If my child sits on my lap, does he/she need a ticket?
    • Children under the age of 3 that will be sitting on your lap do not need a ticket. However, children of any age that will sit in a seat, need a ticket.
  • Is there handicap seating?
    • There are limited wheelchair accessible seats for each show. Please contact us at to arrange.
  • If I don’t use all my 5 reserved tickets during the Priority Ticket Sales window, can I share my Priority Code with family or a friend?
    • Yes, you can share your priority code with a family member or friend so that they can purchase tickets directly if you do not use all of the 5 reserved tickets for your dancer. This is not a one-time use code. However, each code will only be able to be used for up to 5 tickets. Once 5 tickets have been reserved for each show your dancer is performing in, the code will not be able to be used again.
  • If I am only staying to watch my child perform and then leave, do I need a ticket?
    • Yes, you will need a ticket for the performance.
  • Is there reserved seating or is it general admission?
    • All tickets are general admission.
  • Can I leave tickets a will call, or do I have to physically give my tickets to my attendees?
    • There is no will call.
  • How early can we get there to save seats?
    • Doors will open 45 minutes before each performance. Please make sure that someone from your party can remain with any saved seats.
  • If I’m a volunteer, do I need a ticket?
    • As a volunteer you do not need a ticket for the show you are volunteering for if you are in a backstage volunteer position. Volunteers that are taking tickets or working pre-show or post-show will need a ticket.
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