ROOTS Dance Recital 2017 • Picture Week Details
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Recital Picture Week will be held Monday, April 17 – Saturday, April 22

There will be NO regular dance classes during picture week. 


Where: Studio B (616 Bradley Court, Franklin, TN 37067 — Directions)

Who: All performing dancers

When: Pictures will be taken during your dancer’s normal class time. Please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes before your normal class time to ensure we stay on schedule. 

Picture Week Checklist:

  • Costume Details Sheet: A sheet with details for your dancer’s costume was sent home when costumes were picked up. Please refer to this sheet for all details on what your dancer needs to complete their costume. Click here for an online copy.
  • Costume: Dancer’s should arrive to class IN their full costume. (Toddler dancers will be given costumes when they arrive for pictures.)
  • Shoes & Accessories: Please make sure your dancer brings all necessary dance shoes for pictures. Your costume sheet will specify the shoes they need and if your dancer needs tights for their costume. (Hair accessories and costume accessories will be given to dancers AT pictures.)
  • Hair & Makeup: Dancer’s should arrive for pictures with hair and makeup fully done. (If you need help with hair or makeup, please arrive 15-20 minutes before your class time.)


When are my dancer’s pictures? 

  • Dancer’s pictures will be during their normal class time the week of 4/17-4/22 at our Studio B location.

Will there be someone at the Studio to help me with my dancer’s hair?

  • Of course! If you need help with your dancer’s hair, please arrive 15-20 minutes before your scheduled class time, and we’ll be happy to help out with hair.

Do parents have to be present? 

  • If you are planning to purchase your child’s group or individual picture, we recommend that you are present. We will be handing out proofs of the pictures and you will have the opportunity to purchase the pictures at that time. You can also take the proofs home and order later.

Do I have to buy the pictures today? Can I order them later?

  • We will be handing out proofs of the pictures and you will have the opportunity to purchase the pictures at that time. You can also take the proofs home and order later.

Can my child leave once his/her group and individual picture are taken?

  • Please plan on pictures taking the full class time. Parents will remain in the lobby for a Recital Q&A session with dance director, Jamie Edwards, while dancers are having their pictures taken.


(Please refer to the costume detail sheet sent home with your costume for your dancer’s specific class instructions. If you are unable to locate your sheet, you can find it online here.)

What hip hop shoes do I need to purchase?

  • All hip hop classes need to have black leather high tops with white soles. Converse brand and style are not allowed.

Does my dancers hair need to be show-ready? 

Yes! We will be using these pictures for our upcoming recital Memory Book. Please come with your dancers hair ready. Here are a few hair tutorials for reference:

Where can I find a donut bun for the recital hairstyle?

  • Donuts can be found online at Amazon, or locally at Bellissimo, Sally’s Beauty Supply or Walgreens.

What if my child’s costume doesn’t fit perfectly?

  • You are welcome to do any minor alterations to your child’s costume to ensure a comfortable fit.

I didn’t get an accessory in my bag, but I know that my child’s class is wearing one. Where and when do I get it?

  • We will be handing out accessories when classes come for pictures. Some accessories won’t be used, some will. Our directors will make that call during picture week.

Does my child have to have full stage makeup for pictures?

  • Dancers do not need as heavy makeup as they will need for stage, but they do need to wear makeup for pictures.

I didn’t have time to sew my child’s costume (straps, appliques, etc.). Is that okay?

  • Yes. You can pin them for pictures, but they MUST be sewn for recital.


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