Music Student Showcases
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ROOTS Music hosts bi-annual showcases to fulfill our third philosophy: Performance. We are committed to teaching our students to perform at their best. Whether that’s in a showcase, concert or a performance event, our students will be coached on self-awareness, presentation and audience engagement.

Why Music Performances Matter:

1. Showcases give students something to work for.

Research shows those who set goals are more successful.

A performance sets needed benchmarks along a musician’s journey to learn an instrument. It helps them to stay focused and motivated with measurable parameters: a specific date on the calendar in which the challenge must be completed, an achievable piece of music to master and the support of a mentor and music community.

2. Showcases build character and confidence.

Let’s face it; it takes courage to perform in front of an audience! It’s nerve-wracking and requires a great deal of inner strength. But the experience is a huge confidence-booster that students can build upon in the future, whether it’s a recital or public speaking.

The experience also helps build empathy toward fellow performers. They know what it feels like to stand before an audience.

3. Performance experience is crucial.

There is no substitute for the live performance when it comes to music. Every musician needs to experience what it’s like to play or sing in front of an audience.

You may know your piece of music inside and out, but when the lights come on and the pressure builds, the dynamics change. In these moments, a musician develops the skill necessary to cope with the stress of performance. A showcase gives that budding performer a real audience in a supportive context.

4. Inspiration comes from more advanced students.

If you’ve ever aspired to be or do something, you’ve most likely looked up to someone else who has already accomplished it. Showcases give students exposure to students with a variety of skill levels.

When they see someone a little farther down the road than them, it gives them hope and inspiration that they, too, could and should reach for greater mastery of their instrument.

5. Celebrating a win keeps students motivated.

One of the biggest reasons for music showcases is it gives the ROOTS community an opportunity to step back and reflect on the amazing progress our students are making. It is a celebration!

Our students work hard, and regardless if their performance is flawless or not, participation gives students a chance to shine and gives parents, fellow students and mentors opportunity to celebrate with them.

Taking time to acknowledge that effort and accomplishment will keep students encouraged and determined to continue overcoming their challenges, and most of all, to enjoy creating music.

You can watch past ROOTS Music performances here!

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