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Mentor Jen McDow teaching Caleb Howard

ROOTS Academy offers a unique learning experience through private music lessons (ages 6+) and an Early Beginners Music Program (ages 1-6). Our programs are built on proven curriculum. Through these methods, students get introduced to both classic and contemporary songs as they progress in their journey towards becoming accomplished musicians.

Private music lessons (Ages 6+) are offered for the following instruments:

Private Music Lesson Tuition

Private lessons are scheduled weekly and run year-round. ROOTS takes several scheduled holidays and breaks (see calendar). On average students receive 46 weekly lessons a year.
Tuition is based on an annual total and divided up into convenient monthly payments. Monthly Billing due date is determined by lesson start date.

There are no refunds or prorating for holidays (see holiday schedule), breaks, inclement weather closures or missed lessons. Payment is due monthly. A $15 late fee will be assessed 10 days after due date.

Lesson Length Monthly Tuition
30 min/week $135
60 min/week $270
90 min/week $405 $365 (10% savings)
2 hours/week $540 $486 (10% savings)

Early Beginners Music Program

Available for ages 1-6, our Early Beginners Music Program is a 12-week music course designed to instill the fundamentals of music while inspiring students to explore their unique passion and musical ability. Culminating in a group performance for family and friends, the course introduces musical concepts like finding the beat, singing various pitches, and using dynamics. A variety of fun games, activities, and songs engage the young students and support exploration of music performance.

For more information, dates and pricing, click here.

Multiple Lesson Discounts

  • 10% off lesser tuition for three or more 30-minute blocks of lessons
    • For example: If you have 1 child taking 1 hour of lessons a week ($270/mo) and another taking 30 minutes ($135/mo) the child taking 30 minute lessons would get 10% discount off their tuition
  • Family discounts apply to any combination of music lessons and classes (combinations of music lessons and dance classes are not eligible for family discounts at this time).

Registration Fees

A one-time registration fee is paid upfront for each student. We offer a sibling discount of $25 per sibling.

  • $50 per student
  • $25 per sibling

Benefits of Enrollment

  • Weekly lessons by mentors who are established musicians, performers & teachers
  • Curriculum that’s centered on technique and theory while fostering individual creativity
  • End-of-semester recital performance events in December and May
  • Lessons are conducted in a safe and open environment
    • Each studio has a window, making it easy for parents to watch lessons
    • Staff and mentors are thoroughly vetted and have cleared background checks
  • Conveniently located in the heart of Cool Springs
  • Discounted attendance to workshops to help grow your students ability and knowledge of their instrument, songwriting, performance, worship leading, etc.
  • Performance opportunities for our top students at Frothy Monkey and others
  • Free access to our rehearsal space (based on availability)

Music Lesson FAQ

How do I choose which instrument is right for me? 

  • We know that making that first step in choosing your instrument is a tough one. Don’t let that stop you! We offer a one-time free trial private music lesson to all new students to give you the opportunity to try out an instrument to see if it’s a good fit for you or your child risk-free.

How do I know my child is ready to start music lessons? 

  • Music lessons are beneficial no matter the age. Starting music young (as early as age 1!) can have many benefits in a child’s development. Our Early Beginners Program is perfect for children ages 1-6. Private Music Lessons typically begin around age 6.

I’m an adult, but I’ve always wanted to take music lessons. Is it too late? 

  • Absolutely not! It is never too late to begin music lessons. We have many adult students who have made great progress in the instrument of their choice. It’s never too late to check things off that bucket list! You’ll be so glad you did.

Lessons have been going great, but we really need a break. How do I withdraw from my current music lessons? 

  • Life gets crazy, and we understand that you need a break sometimes. Written notice at least 2 weeks prior to your billing due date is required when stopping lessons; you can find details here. If you are unhappy with your mentor or are thinking about trying a different instrument, let us know, and we will be happy to work with you to find a better fit!

Music Mentors

The ROOTS music teaching team consists of professional musicians and educators who bring a passion and love for teaching to the ROOTS community. We have singer/songwriters, educators, artists, touring musicians, and studio musicians who all offer a variety of approaches to teaching. Yet, each of them are trained to follow the ROOTS Philosophy and methodologies.

Each Mentor has been hand selected to join our team. We recognize that these aren’t just teachers, but influencers, and we take that role seriously.

Click here to learn more about our mentor team.

Student Stories

Here at ROOTS, we believe in instilling confidence through creativity in all of our students. The arts have a way of allowing people to see who they are in a way that nothing else does. Music has the power to change lives. We believe this for all of our students.

Meet, Ella Kinder.

Ella is a bundle of energy, a ray of sunshine, and a bright light to any place or person she comes in contact with. We at ROOTS have had the privilege of getting to know Ella over the past few years and watch her find her voice through music and dance.

At the heart of creativity is individuality, and Ella is a unique joy. She has a way about her that is special, and that has certainly changed us for the better.


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