ROOTS welcomes its newest mentor, Trevor Barber!

Trevor Barber

Trevor Barbers life reads like a classic coming-of-age film: a young boy in small-town Louisiana grows up constantly surrounded by back porch pickin’, as his father and grandfather had weekly jam sessions with some of the ole timers in the area. When he hits 21, he packs up and moves to Los Angeles, following a dream of becoming a musician. When the dream ends up differently than he images, he heads back to his roots, this time, following his heart to use his talent to help others closer to home. 

Trevor, 25, has studied music, traveled on tour and shared the stage with A-list names, but where he excels is in the classroom, teaching the next generation of God-chasers.

His favorite students are the ones who have a passion for art and express excitement for learning his/her instrument, consistently honing their potential into raw talent that can be molded.

Here’s a little more about Trevor. Leave a comment and welcome him to the family at ROOTS.

Q&A with Trevor

What are you teaching at ROOTS? 
guitar, bass, piano and drums (as needed)

When did you begin playing? Teaching? 
I picked up a guitar at age sixteen and began to play with my father and grandfather followed by anyone who wanted to listen…  and those who didn’t. After realizing my gifts, I pursued a degree in music and began teaching at local music store that offered lessons.

What’s your specialty, or what are you known for? 
My specialty lies around bass and guitar, and I am known for expression. I feel adding emotion/soul to ones playing makes all the difference. As we see in much of modern music, computers are capable of reproducing the sound of most instruments, but it’s the emotion that sets us apart and makes us great. If I teach two students the same song and one simply plays the notes while the other plays with emotion and articulation, “the other student” is the one who’ll win the audience.

Where were you born, and how did you end up in Nashville?
I was born in May 1990. I left home at age 21 to move to Los Angeles, California, following an opportunity and a dream that ultimately fell through. After paying some dues in California, I decided to relocate to Music City, which was much closer to home for me and contained a culture I was relatively familiar with.

What role does worship play in music to you?
I, along with any other artistic minds in the world, am touched and brought to an emotional state by the sounds of music. Worship in connects one of the things that has the greatest influence on me most in this world with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

What issues/causes are you passionate about?
In addition to many social/political issues that are a part of our world today due to the twisting of our constitution and basic principles our country was founded upon, I am passionate about those who fight for us day in and day out and give the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Read more about Trevor here and connect with him on Facebook, Twitter (@trevorplaysbass) and YouTube.

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