ROOTS Dance Recital
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The 2017 ROOTS Dance Recital will be the week of June 19-25, 2017.

  • Students who enroll into a recital class after costumes are ordered may perform in recital dependent upon costume availability.
    • All recital fees will be required. Extra fees may be required for costume delivery.
  • Attendance is extremely important in preparation for performance. Students that miss 5 or more classes in the spring semester may not be permitted to perform.

Recital Participation 

Recital Participation requires 2 different payments: Costume Fee and Performance Deposit.

    • Costume Fee will be due in full on December 1.
      • If you choose to opt-out of recital after the Costume Fee has been paid, your costume fee will not be refunded to you. The costume paid for will be yours to keep.
      • Costume deposit includes the costume and hair accessory (if applicable). Students are required to provide their own tights and/or shoes according to our specifications including Hip Hop.
    • Performance Deposit will be automatically charged on February 1.
      • Performance Deposit is only refundable as ROOTS account credit until April 30, 2017.
      • Each Performance Deposit includes 2 complimentary tickets to the student’s performance.
  • Toddler Classes (age 2.5-3) do not participate in the main recital and will have an in-class performance during the last week of classes, May 22-26, 2017. No costume fee is required.
Class Costume Deposit  Performance Deposit (only one deposit per dancer)
Toddler (Age 2) NONE $50/participant
Preschool I & II $75 + tax $100/participant
K-12th Levels/Combo $80 + tax (per dance) $100/participant
Hip Hop $90 + tax $100/participant

Recital Pictures will be taken during a week in the spring during normal class times. Please see the monthly “Footnotes” for dates.

  • If a student is not participating in recital, they do not need to attend Picture Week.
  • There will be no dancing in classes during Picture Week. Tuition will not be prorated.

Summer Break 

The dance season and all regularly scheduled weekly dance classes will end on May 27, 2017. All students will then take a two week summer break. Recital participants will return June 12-22 for mandatory recital rehearsals at ROOTS and Ingram Hall. The specific schedule for these rehearsals will be released in March.

  • Please mark your calendars now for these rehearsals are extremely important and are required of all recital participants.
  • June tuition will be prorated for recital participants. Students not in the recital will not pay tuition in June and will not attend class or rehearsals.

Check out highlights from the 2016 ROOTS Dance Recital here! 


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