ROOTS Dance Recital
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2017 ROOTS Dance Recital
Ingram Hall @ Vanderbilt University
June 19-25, 2017

After nearly ten months of hard work, we come together, on stage at Vanderbilt’s Ingram Hall to showcase the gifts and talents of our ROOTS Dancers. Friends, family, grandparents and neighbors are all invited to join us at one (or more) of the five spectacular shows under the lights.
Never before have these dancers achieved this level of excellence. Their performances will leave you excited, inspired and cheering for the hard work, discipline and determination that have put in leading up unto this event. You won’t want to miss it. These are the nights that memories are made.

Ticket Sales Are Open!

Tickets are on sale for ROOTS Dance families now. Participating dancers will receive 2 complimentary tickets for each performance. Additional tickets may be purchased on Monday, April 24, 2017.

Order Your Recital Tickets

Recital Show Splits

This year, we will be splitting our classes into FIVE performances throughout the weekend. We’re amazed at how much our program has grown since the start of the year, and we’re excited to be able to showcase so many of our dancers in recital. Click here to view the show split, and please note below the number of show(s) your dancer will be performing in.

  • Solos/Trios – ALL shows
  • Company Dancers – ALL shows
  • Junior/Teen & Youth Dancers – Two shows
  • Mini Dancers – One show
  • Preschool Dancers – One show
  • Toddler – In-studio performance week of May 22-27

All performing classes will meet the week of June 12-17, then all students will participate in mandatory rehearsals June 19-23 at ROOTS or Ingram Hall. The specific schedule of these rehearsals will be released after Spring Break.

Click here to view the Show Split for the 2017 ROOTS Dance Recital (pdf)

Memory Books

ROOTS Dance Recital Memory Books are one of our favorite elements about recital. These books serve as a keepsake for dancers and parents to look back on the season of hard work, fun with friends, and progress made in the 2016-2017 dance season. Much like a school yearbook, Memory Books are filled with highlight moments throughout the year, class photos, and personalized features (details below). Books will include:

  • Class pictures
  • Show order
  • Student stories
  • Coupons/special offers from local businesses
  • Dancer features (see below for details on how to purchase)
  • Dancer signature page
  • …and more!

Dancer Features

Memory Books offer space for purchase to feature your dancer. These features give you the ability to personally spotlight your dancer and celebrate his or her progress over the year. Personalized features are available from ¼ page to a full page. Click here for pricing information and to reserve your dancer’s Memory Book feature. Limited space available.

Business Ads

Memory Books also give local businesses a chance to promote to the near 3,000 people that will be attending our 2017 Dance Recital. If you would like to purchase a business ad in the Memory Book, click here for pricing information and an order form.

To see photos from the 2016 Memory Book and learn more, click here. If you have any questions about purchasing a dancer feature or a business ad, don’t hesitate to email us at

Picture Week – April 17-22 at Studio B

Dance pictures will take place during your dancer’s normal class time at Studio B (616 Bradley Court). We will NOT be having normal class during picture week.

Please arrive for your pictures dressed and ready with hair and make-up already done. We will take a class picture that will be included in our 2017 Memory Book, and dancers will have the opportunity to take an individual picture that is available for purchase from Robin Baker Photography. Details about available packages for purchase from Robin Baker will be updated here soon!

Costume, accessory, hair and make-up details were distributed with your dancer’s costume. Below is the link to the Poof and Bun Instructional Video. (In the video Robyne mentions this hairstyle is for K-12 classes, however if your costume info sheet mentions a poof & bun, even if your dancer is in preschool, this video is for you!)

Recital Hair Tutorial Videos

We will also use a portion of the time to distribute more recital details and to answer any questions you have about the upcoming performance. The class time will be very busy! Please arrive 10 minutes before your class is scheduled to start to ensure we stay on schedule.

Click here for more info on picture week!

Recital Participation

Recital Participation requires 2 different payments: Costume Fee and Performance Deposit.

  • Costume Fee will be due in full on December 1.
    • If you choose to opt-out of recital after the Costume Fee has been paid, your costume fee will not be refunded to you. The costume paid for will be yours to keep.
    • Costume deposit includes the costume and hair accessory (if applicable). Students are required to provide their own tights and/or shoes according to our specifications including Hip Hop.
  • Performance Deposit will be automatically charged on February 1.
    • Performance Deposit is only refundable as ROOTS account credit until April 30, 2017.
    • Each Performance Deposit includes 2 complimentary tickets to the student’s performance.
  • Toddler Classes (age 2.5-3) do not participate in the main recital and will have an in-class performance during the last week of classes, May 22-26, 2017. No costume fee is required.
Class Costume Deposit  Performance Deposit (only one deposit per dancer)
Toddler (Age 2) NONE $50/participant
Preschool I & II $75 + tax $100/participant
K-12th Levels/Combo $80 + tax (per dance) $100/participant
Hip Hop $90 + tax $100/participant

Attendance is extremely important in preparation for performance. Students that miss 5 or more classes in the spring semester may not be permitted to perform.

Summer Break

The dance season and all regularly scheduled weekly dance classes will end on May 27, 2017. All students will then take a two week summer break. Recital participants will return June 12-22 for mandatory recital rehearsals at ROOTS and Ingram Hall. The specific schedule for these rehearsals will be released in the spring.

  • Please mark your calendars now for these rehearsals are extremely important and are required of all recital participants.
  • June tuition will be prorated for recital participants. Students not in the recital will not pay tuition in June and will not attend class or rehearsals.

Check out highlights from the 2016 ROOTS Dance Recital here! 

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