2017 Costume Details
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Find your class below and click for details regarding tights, shoes, hair, makeup and accessories for 2017 Recital and Pictures.

Recital Hair Tutorial Videos

Toddler Classes (Age 2+)

  • Girls: There is no particular hair-style we are requiring for toddler pictures. Please wear pink tights and pink ballet shoes. We will provide a leotard, tutu, and hair clip.
  • Boys: Please wear a white shirt and black pants.

Monday Classes

Preschool I – Monday 9:45am

Mini Combo II – Monday 4:15pm

Youth Combo – Monday 4:15pm

Youth Ballet I – Monday 5:15pm

Mini Ballet II – Monday 5:15pm

Mini Hip Hop – Monday 6:00pm

Junior/Teen Ballet II – Monday 6:45pm

Junior/Teen Pointe – Monday 7:45pm

Tuesday Classes

Company IV – Tuesday 4:30pm

Youth Lyrical – Tuesday 4:45pm

Youth Hip Hop – Tuesday 5:30pm

Junior/Teen Lyrical I – Tuesday 5:45pm

Junior/Teen Combo – Tuesday 6:30pm

Junior/Teen Ballet I – Tuesday 7:30pm

Wednesday Classes

Mini Hip Hop – Wednesday 4:15pm

Youth Hip Hop – Wednesday 5:00pm

Junior/Teen Hip Hop I – Wednesday 5:45pm

Junior/Teen Hip Hop II – Wednesday 6:30pm

Company II – Wednesday 5:15pm

Thursday Classes

Preschool I – Thursday 9:45am

Preschool II – Thursday 10:45am

Mini Hip Hop – Thursday 4:15pm

Youth Jazz II – Thursday 4:30pm

Youth Ballet II – Thursday 5:30pm

Junior/Teen Lyrical II – Thursday 5:00pm

Junior/Teen Jazz II – Thursday 6:00pm

Junior/Teen Tap II – Thursday 7:00pm

Junior/Teen Tap Trio – Thursday 7:45pm

Friday Classes

Preschool I – Friday 9:45am

Preschool II – Friday 10:45am

Mini Combo I – Friday 4:15pm

Preschool II – Friday 5:15pm

Saturday Classes

Preschool I – Saturday (both 9:00am & 9:45am)

Preschool II – Saturday (both 9:45am & 10:45am)

Mini Combo I – Saturday (both 10:30am & 11:45am)

Company I – Saturday 11:30am

Company III – Saturday 12:30pm


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